Spring Interactive layout fun!

Hi everyone!  It’s Karen from ScrappyCanuck Studios, and today we get to talk about Spring!

Spring is such a fun time filled with bright fresh colours…well, at least it is in pictures I have seen.  Up here in Calgary, spring is, well, muddy!  We tend to have a bit of a late spring, so the first few months are a chance to get down and dirty – and my two girls love to do just that.  In fact, I have pictures of them every spring playing and jumping in muddy puddles.  The new collection from Doodlebug called Spring Things was a perfect chance to get some of those pictures scrapped!


Now this collection is filled with all sorts of cute elements…


…like some amazing acetate Odds and Ends pieces and shaped Sprinkles!  In fact, these acetate pieces inspired the interactive elements on both projects I get to share today!  One of the great things about acetate is that it is very durable, so die cuts made from it are perfect for pulls or tabs on projects.  I really love making interactive layouts, but adding a piece that can be handled regularly is not always easy…until now!  Check it out:


Here is everything tucked nicely away…


…but pull up on the top flower piece and voila…


…some hidden pictures!  And if you are worried about your adhesive showing through, fear not!  Simply apply a cute Sprinkle over top of any adhesive peeking through…


… or even a sequin!  Because the best part about acetate is that you can see through it!  Shake away crafty peeps! These pieces would be used as awesome inside a shaker element as they are on top as I have them here.


Yup, acetate is my new favourite material (especially when I remember to take off the protective film that is on top before I add elements…whoops)!


So don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty with this new collection!  It is everything that is Doodlebug adorable with some hidden surprises as well!


Thanks for stopping by!



Spring things time!

Good morning everyone!  Today, we get to celebrate three things I love – Doodlebug, my new Cricut and spring!

Before Christmas, Doodlebug announced some amazing partnerships that allowed them to create cut files that coordinate with their new collections.  Now at the time, I was excited but jealous because my cutting machine was so old that using cut files just wasn’t an option.  But then along came Christmas, and with it, a new machine (perhaps my not so subtle hints paid off), and with it came a chance to try all sorts of things…


…like creating some fun wall art for my daughter’s room!  All of the shapes you see in these altered embroidery hoops were created with Doodlebug Spring Things cut files (except for the hearts which were a basic shape that I simply created and cut).


Everything from this adorable sun peeking out from behind a cloud…


…to this adorable bird on a branch…


…to the fantastical (is that a word?) frog on a lily pad…

img_1099…to a perfect “Sunshine” title cut…


…and my absolute favorite ladybug…

…these cut files will have you running your machine full tilt!  The details are amazing in each file, and they are a really easy to layer and put together!  Best of all, Doodlebug has the perfect textured cardstock and new matte Sprinkles (I love, love, love these) to make your cuts coordinate with all the great elements in the Spring Things collection.


So, get out those machines and start cutting – whether it’s for a project or style you are used to working in or something completely new, you will want to cut these cuties over and over again!  Anyone need some wall art?!

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Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  Today, I thought I would share a fun project I did for Doodlebug not to long ago.  It is all sorts of Easter cuteness- and a tutorial!

Easter is certainly not all about candy, but I do have to admit that I get a little excited to have those yummy chocolate eggs around again.  And just like my weakness for chocolate eggs, I also have a weakness for containers to hold them!   So when I got my hands on Doodlebug‘s new Easter Express collection, I knew there were chocolate eggs…I mean…treat containers in my future!


I really love the little milk cartons that have become a huge trend in treat containers.  In fact, I love them so much that I made a few for Valentine’s day!  Having said that, I don’t like the fact that I need a full sheet of 12×12 cardstock to make each – paper hoarders like me will understand!  So I set out to see if I could modify my design to use less paper without loosing too much in size.  The result was these cute cartons with lids!


So, are you convinced that you need to have a few treat containers in your life too…even if it is to have an excuse to grab some chocolate eggs a little earlier than necessary?  Well, grab your paper, glue and scissors and I will talk you through my experiment!


  1. Start by cutting three pieces of paper:
  • for the base – 6″ x 6″
  • for the trim on the base – 1″ x 8  1/2″
  • for the lid – 2 3/4″ X 9″


2. Using the piece for the base, score at the 2″ and 4″ mark.


3. Turn your paper 90 degrees and score again at the 2″ and 4″ marks.


4. Using a pair of scissors, cut up along the 4″ score mark on each side, stopping at the first score line you hit. Put this piece aside for a moment.


5. Using your 1″ x 8 1/2″ piece, place the long edge at the top of your scoring board and score at the 2″, 4″ 6″ and 8″ points.


6. Flip over this piece and run 1/4″ adhesive along the bottom edge of the long edge (if the pattern of the paper does not have a “right side up” like mine did, it doesn’t matter which of the two long edges you run the adhesive). Put this piece aside for a  moment.


7. You are now going to assemble the base and the trim.  Grab your base piece and fold in one of the 2″ tabs you created by cutting with your scissors.  Run adhesive along the top and bottom edge of this tab. Now pull this side up, and glue it to the tab directly to the left (the one that was originally beside it).  This will create two side walls for your base)


8. Apply your trim to this side of your box 1/4″ down (right where your adhesive is already run).  You should have 3/4″ of the trim sticking up and 1/4″ of it adhered to the base.  Continue step 7 and 8 all the way around your box, folding in one side at at time, applying adhesive, gluing it to the side beside it and the applying the trim.  Tuck the overlapping piece on the INSIDE of the box.
Note: you may need to adjust the fold on the trim as you go around the outside edge – go for it!  You have enough of an overlap at the end to create a perfect fit!




9. You are now ready to assemble the lid.  Take your remaining piece of paper and align the long edge across the top of your scoring board.  Score at the 2  1/8″, 4  1/4″, 6  3/8″ and 8 1/2″ points (every 2 1/8″).


10.  Turn your paper 90 degrees and score at the 1″ and 2 1/4″ marks.


11. Run adhesive along the front side of the short 1/2″ tab that you have created.


12. Fold each of your score lines and use the adhesive tab to shape your lid into a square tube.  You will need to tuck the tab under to to hide the seam.


13. Using a liquid, fast drying glue, run adhesive on the inside edge all around the top of your lid.  Pinch two opposite sides in and hold in place for a couple of minutes to ensure that the top of the lid stays together.  If it pops open, just pinch it again and hold longer.


14.  Once the lid is completely dry place it on top of your base and check the fit.

mc-tutorial-1615. Your treat container is now ready to embellish!


Give some of the new mini icon stickers a try – they are a perfect fit for these tags topped off with mini clips, some Doodletwine and the awesome new matte Sprinkles!  Oh yeah!


And then, well…will them up!  Or if you are anything like me…eat the little treats that you were going to fill them up with and try again a little closer to Easter! Maybe I’ll have to buy a bigger bag of them next time.


So there you have it – the paper hoarding, chocolate loving version of the mini milk carton!  I hope you love them as much as I do.  Thanks for stopping by!


Kitchen table crafting!

Hi everyone!  Over the last couple of weeks, the team at Doodlebug have been sharing crafty space ideas, so I thought it might be fun to share a bit of information about my own as well!  So here it – where it all happens at SCS!

Okay, now I know you are probably thinking – “Um, Karen, that looks an awful lot like a kitchen table.”  And the truth is – you are right!  It is my kitchen table.  In fact, my kitchen counter starts just to the right of this picture, and I actually took this picture while precariously perched on top of my breakfast bar.  That’s right.  I am a kitchen table crafter!

Now, for those of you who also create right in the centre of it all, you will know that crafting on a kitchen table is a juggling act all of it’s own (sometimes an act that requires me to exclaim with enthusiasm at meal time – “Today, let’s have a picnic in the living room!” to the giggles of my children and the patient grimace of the hubby). But as the years have gone on, this little corner has evolved from piles of semi organized collections…um…I mean, supplies…to a mobile working space that I can tuck away when needed.  So, while it isn’t a whole room of crafty goodness, today I thought I would share some of my ways of making this space work.

One of my favourite and most economical organizing purchases has been my white photo boxes. You can pick up these boxes for a couple of dollars and the are the perfect size for many different spaces…shelves, cupboards, drawers – you name it!  Besides photos, my boxes hold extra adhesive, ink pads, stamp collections…

…and when open, are even the perfect size for 6×6 paper pads, packages of odds and ends, buttons and even doilies!

And if you are worried about how sturdy they are, simply place the lid on the bottom for extra stability!  These boxes come right out onto my table when I am creating, and then tuck away beautifully when I clean up (that’s actually my criteria for all storage I use…can I pull it out easily onto the table and throw everything back in easily when I am done).  Oh, and while my boxes are all white, they come in a million colours and patterns and you can even personalize them with some pretty paper!

Speaking of paper, I keep all of my paper collections together in separate extra large zipper bags.  When I first get them, I actually keep embellishments in there too.  When I want to work with a collection, I simply pull the bag out on to the table and pull out what I need.  When it’s time to clean up, all the pieces slide right back into the bag – even my little tiny pieces (it’s hard to get rid of them).  It’s a super quick cleanup!

Now, I have to admit that I did buy a storage unit on wheels last year that has really changed things for me. There is room on the top for my cutting machine, and a great set of drawers of different sizes. If you are on a tight budget like me, do not count out this option. These types of units can be pricey, but I bought mine second hand for a fraction of the price.  In the end, I actually sold off some crafting supplies to pay for it to make myself feel even better about the purchase – I was cleaning out to make use of it anyway so it was the perfect time to purge!  This new unit has given me the perfect opportunity to organize…

…small odds and ends like mini clips and doilies (in a tray that I re-purposed to fit this drawer well)…

…small, narrow supplies like my glitter…

…and even some of my twine.

But the best part was attaching some temporary 3M hoops to the side to store my washi tape embroidery hoop and, on the other side, to hold my cutting mats.  And when we have guests over for dinner, I can roll the whole unit away into another room or just move my Cricut off of the top and have a “mini buffet” to store some of our meal items.

You know, I have to admit that there are days when I look at pictures of beautiful craft rooms and drool!  But I really do love crafting and creating in the middle of my family home and watching my girls (and even sometimes my hubby) just pull up a chair and join in.  I also think there are things we can learn in terms of organization and decluttering from those that craft in the heart of it all!  So while perhaps one day down the road one of the rooms in my house may look so lonely and empty that my craft supplies sneak in, today I am going to put my feet up, enjoy this sunny crafting space in what happens to be the sunniest city in Canada, toasting all of those that call the kitchen table crafting “home base”!