Speaking of treats…

This was a birthday card I made for my dad's 70th birthday using recycled packaging from buttons! Can you guess which jelly bean my daughter added????

Easter is always celebrated around my house with treats – especially chocolate! So, while the example card today isn’t exactly Easter themed, I thought it wold be a fun project to share with you today since it is filled with treats!  And by the end of the post, you’ll know exactly how to create one that you could turn into an Easter treat design!  So let’s hop to it! 😉

The example that you see pictures was a card I actually made for my dad to help celebrate his 70th birthday in March (Happy Birthday Dad)!  I used Echo Park This and That Charming collection, and the 6X6 pack worked perfectly for this project!  The candies are Jelly Bellies, which are a great size for this project – you will need a candy that it not too big or bulky (and yummy, of course)!


  • Clear packaging in any shape/size that suits your design – make sure it has a lip around the entire shape.  Make sure you thoroughly wash it out!
  • Adhesive (tape runners word better than a liquid adhesive)
  • Piercing tool (or straight pin)
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife


Note: If you a person who works best from tutorials that include specific measurements, this is probably not a tutorial for you!  Because recycled packaging is being used, each treat container will be a different size, so I cannot provide those specifics for you.  If you are comfortable “fudging” things as you go – keep reading!  It will be worth it!

Step 1

Choose packaging that is an appropriate size and shape for the card you have designed.  The paper for your card base should be at least 2 1/2 times this circumference (or widest edge for a square or rectangle), so you can fold it in half.

Step 2

Fold your card base in half, and then open it flat again.  Determine where you would like the treat cup to be on your card front.  Holding it in place with one hand, use your piercing tool (or needle) to punch holes around the base of the packaging on the inside edge of the lip.  This will allow you to get an accurate shape for your cutout so you will be able to hide the lip.

Step 3

Remove the packaging.  You will now see the shape you will need to cutout.

Step 4

Use a craft knife to cut out the shape created by your piercing.  Do not worry of the shape does not seem symmetrical – most of the packaging is not either! 😉

Step 5

Use a ruler to determine the widest parts of your cutout.  Add 3/4″ to each side and make a note of the size of paper you will need to create a backing (this is the piece of paper that will keep that candies from falling out. Using these measurements, cut out a piece of paper that will cover the back of the cutout with at least 3/4″ extra on each side.

Step 6

Place the backing card on the inside of the card and eyeball (or measure) to find the center.  Create a circle or other shape that will be big enough for your candies to fit though.  Do not make the opening too big! Cut or punch out the shape.

Step 7

Run adhesive along the top of the lip of your packaging.  Don’t be stingy here – you want that packaging securely in place.

Step 8

From the back of the front face of your card, pop your packing through the opening.  Press down around the lip to secure it in place.  Adhere your backing piece in place 1/4″ around 3 of the outside edges, leaving one edge open so you will be able to insert a tag that the recipient can pull out to release the candies (without having to destroy the whole card)

Step 9

Cut out another piece of paper that fits inside the pocket you have created (it should be 1″ wider than the opening of your shape). Slide the tag in between the front of the card and the backing piece you created with the small opening.  This tag will block the back hole so the candies stay inside until the recipient decides to dig in!  Decorate away!

This Echo Park This and That Charming paper was perfect for this project!

I know that it might look a little “vague” and complicated, but once you have created one, you will see how easy it really is!  There are companies that create these “treat cups” with card templates and pieces already cut, and while they are great, I think it is really fun to vary the shapes and use up that packaging you have kicking around.  I have to admit that I am hoarding card sized packaging now – I even went browsing the dollar store isles the other day for products that came in packaging that would work for these cute cards!  😉

Are you ready to give it a try?


12 thoughts on “Speaking of treats…

  1. Yay!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the tutorial!! I think I have some butterfly shaped packaging to use!!! I am so excited to try it!

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