Ready, Set…CHARGE!

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Project Title- Ready, Set…CHARGE!

Every year, I get caught up in the New Year’s resolution trap!  I either spend all of January feeling that nagging sensation that I have failed to yet again meet my New Year’s goals, or I ignore the process all together and spend the entire month feeling the nagging sensation that I have forgotten to do something.  So this year, I decided to keep things simple, and set one little goal that could help me feel like my life was at least slightly more organized than it was in 2011.

A little vintage inspired charging station created with Echo Park Times and Seasons collection

I don’t know about you, but in our family, cords seem to have taken over!  They seem to be everywhere (and yet often times, nowhere we can find them).  So, I decided to create a handy little charging station to keep all of the cords for our electronic devices in one tidy place. What better Echo Park collection to cover up our technological mess than the beautiful, vintage Times and Season’s collection (no, the irony is not lost on me)?  This was my first chance to break open this collection, and it left me feeling like this resolution might just be a keeper after all!

Here’s how you can create one too!


  • Echo Park Times and Seasons collection (you will need approximately 4 – 12X12 sheets to complete your project depending on the size of your box)
  • plastic or wooden box with lid, large enough to hold a standard power bar
  • drill
  • adhesive such as Modge Podge or alternative

Ready. Set...CHARGE!

The initial set-up of your box structure will vary slightly depending on the piece you have chosen to alter.  For this project, I started with a basic wooden box that was designed to hold 8 ½” X 11” paper.  To create my charging station, I simply turned over the lid of the box to create a flat surface with a secure edge, and then applied some scrap pieces of wood on the underside of the lid to keep it from sliding around on the box.

I then determined how many charging stations I would need to handle all of our gadgets, and drilled holes accordingly (make sure your holes are large enough to feed the cords through).

A place for everything and everything in its place - for once!

A power bar was placed inside the box, and a hole was drilled at the back to feed the cord.  And then, the real fun began – time to embellish!

The medallions from the Trinkets paper embellished with a bit of Crackle Accents

The best part of this project for me was playing around with the designs from this collection in a way that would compliment the purpose of the altered box, and also play on the idea of old versus new!  The flags, cut from the fantastic Lovely Noteables paper provide a punch of color to the top of the piece, and help to create a practical way to remember just which cord belongs to which device! And the medallion shapes, fussy cut from the Trinkets paper, became a simple, yet colorful “gear-like” accent for the design.

I cannot think of a more beautiful (and ironically appropriate) paper collection for a modern day charging station!

So I’m curious, how many of you are taking on a New Year’s resolution this year?

I love the vintage feel of this charging station - a little ironic, but oh so beautiful!


A Stacked Slider Tutorial

It was recipe challenge time over at CropChocolate this month!  The challenge for the design team was to come up with a project that included 3 metals, 1 decorative edge, 3 patterned papers and a fiber of some sort (ribbon, twine, etc.).  The 3 patterned papers reminded me of a stacked slider card that I have been wanting to try out, so I decided to give it a go.

This pretty card was made for my sister in law for her birthday in September.  Here are a few instructions if you would like to give it a go!

Made with Making Memories embellishment paper (Whimsy), this card style has “slid” into top spot for me!
– Patterned Paper- Making Memories Whimsy Embellishment paper (A 12X12 double sided sheet of paper will work great for this project, just make sure that the paper is not too thick as there are quite a number of layers in this card. One sheet will make all three strips, forming the tiers of your card (3 tiers in total).
– Fibers – Celebrate It Basic Narrows
– Ink – Distress Ink (Broken China)
Card Base:
1. Cut three strips of paper to the following lengths:
  • 4″X12 (Mark as “A“)
  • 4″X10 1/2″ (Mark as “B“)
  • 4″X 9″ (Mark as “C“)

2. Take tier C and score at the 4″ and 8″ marks.  Fold.

3. Take tier B and score it at the 3 1/2″ and 7″ points.
4. Take tier A and score it at the 3″ and 6″ points. 
5. Cut a coordinating piece of paper approximately 2″ by 3″.  Fold in half and adhere to the top center of tier A.  This will be the pull tab that the recipient of your card uses to pull out each tier of the card so make sure to use a good amount of adhesive.

To create the first sliding mechanism (use tiers C and B)
6. Using tier C – On the one of the panels created by the fold, place your ruler at the top edge of the tier and measure/mark 1″ from the fold and 1″ from the edge of the paper.
7. Place your ruler parallel to the edge of the paper at one of your 1″ marks and draw a line downward that starts 1/4″ down from the top and continues for 3 1/2″. You should now have a line that starts and ends 1/4″ from the top and bottom edges of your paper.
8. Repeat step 6 with the second mark.
9. Use a paper cuter or utility knife to cut along the lines you have drawn.
10.  Repeat steps 5-8 for tier B.
11. Using a scrap piece of thick cardstock, cut 2 pieces of paper that is about 3/4″ wide and 3″ long.  This piece of paper will be the piece that slides up and down on your card.
12. Take tier B and place it down so that the wrong side of the paper is facing up. Take one piece of your cut cardstock and slide it in between the two cuts you have made (the two ends of the cardstock should be hidden, and you should see an exposed section in between the two cuts you made on the tier).
13. Apply adhesive to the section of the cardstock that you can see.
14. Take tier A, line it up with the bottom of tier B and press down to adhere it to the cardstock slider.
15. Apply adhesive to the top and bottom edges of tier B and close up the folds ensuring that the slider is hidden inside the folded sections.  
16. Repeat steps 10-12 with tier C.
17. Take tier B (which now has tier A tucked away inside of it), line it up with the bottom of tier C and press down to adhere it to the cardstock slider.
18. Close up the folds of tier C ensuring that the slider is inside the folds and apply adhesive to the bottom and top edges to keep it together as you did in step 15.
19. Decorate as desired!  If you would like to include a paper rose just like the one on this card, make sure to go and check out the tutrorial here.
And for those of you who learn visually, I’ve got a video of the process here for you too!
Make sure you come back and visit later this week because I have some fun variations of this card to show you!

So “Fortune-ate” to have you! A Video Tutorial

Paper fortune cookies

So today is a big day for me!  Last month, I entered the design team challenge over at Crop Chocolate, and today is the day that my design is featured!  More importantly, it is the first time that I have put together a video tutorial for you all on a project that I created!  I can’t wait to see what you all think!

So, the theme for the project was “All About {You}”, and since I hate doing anything about myself, I decided to use my hubby as my {you}!  Now having said that, I did incorporated a bunch of things that I love, including Chinese food, fortune cookies with TWO fortunes and blue scrapbook paper, but the real focus of the project was to show my guy All the things I appreciate about you!”.

So "fortune-ate" to have you!So the result is this little takeout container and 6 fortune cookies each containing a message or two explaining all the things I appreciate about him.  In reality, I could have written many more things for him, but I don’t want his head to get too big! 🙂  So, you will need at least 3 pieces of double sided 12X12 paper (I used Fancy Pants “Like Father Like Son” collection), some brads or eyelets, ribbon and embellishments.  I also put together a Takeout Container template in PDF format that you can use on 12X12 paper.  Other than that, you just need a little bit of glue to go with all the paper! 😉    Oh, and the video on how to put it all together:

So what do you think of the project and video?  Should I post more of these little diddies here for you?  Oh, and let me know if you make a version of this project – I would love to feature links to your work here!  Leave me a comment below…it’s been quiet here lately (I’m feeling lonely), so I would love to hear from you!