Farewell CC DT!

It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since I joined my first design team here at CropChocolate!  I have met so many supportive and amazing ladies through the CC community, and it has be an honour to represent such a great company!  Although my time on the team has come to an end, I look forward to continued sharing and laughing with all of you here at CC, and can’t wait to be inspired by the new team.

I have to admit that I really struggled to come up with an idea for my farewell project.  Somehow, it felt like it should be some amazing, “over-the-top” showstopper!  Oh, the pressure!  But one of the really neat things I have learned about myself this last year is that I am really not an “over-the-top” crafter!  In fact, it is simple details that I have come to enjoy sharing with all of you, in the hopes that they will be beautiful enough for you to want to try, but simple enough that even a novice crafter would consider giving it a go!
So today, I thought I would share with you a project that was inspired by a recent pin I can across on Pinterest in which the crafter used a tuna tin and some clothes pins for a planter.  I added some beautiful Echo Park Times and Seasons paper, some MM Paper Reverie bling, a bunch of Distress Ink and Stain, and changed the purpose of my little creation.  By day, it’s a great little container for some of my tools, but by night, it’s the perfect candle holder!  Functional and sexy – what’s not to love!  Here’s how you can create one too!
– Short container such as a tuna tin – I actually used a tea canister that I cut down to 1″ tall.  Just make sure that the container does not flair out.
– Wooden clothes pins – I needed 19 to complete my project, but the number will depend on the circumference of your container. See the tutorial for information on how to determine how many you will need.
– Paper – this is a great project to use scraps as you will only need thin strips.  I used Echo Park Times and Seasons
– Liquid adhesive
– Optional products for embellishment including Distress Stain in Picket Fence, Distress Ink in Walnut Stain, twine or jute, bling such as the MM Paper Reverie gems and brads (Metallique)
Step 1
If needed, cut your container down to approximately 1″ high.

Step 2
Place the clothes pins all the way around your container to determine the number you will need.  Take them off the container, and set the container aside.

Step 3
Optional – I applied two coats of Distress Stain in Picket Fence to the front and back of each pin for a whitewashed effect.

Step 4
Cut strips of paper to match the long side of each of your pins (2 per pin as you will see the inside as well).  These measured 5/8″ X 2 6/8″ for my project, allowing a border around each side so the Picket Fence Stain could be seen.

Step 5 
Making sure that the Distress Stain is dry, use a liquid adhesive to apply the paper strips onto your pins.

Step 6
Cut a 1 1/4″ strip of paper that is long enough to cover the circumference of your container.  Use a liquid adhesive to apply to your container.

Step 7 
Use one of your pins to clamp the overlap of your paper closed until it has had time to dry.  

Step 8
Apply the rest of your clothes pins and embellish as desired!

Thank-you to CropChocolate for giving me the opportunity to craft with and for you this last year!  I hope you will continue to stop by https://scrappycanuck.wordpress.com every now and again to see what I messes I continue to conjure up in my crafty space!  Take care everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Trying something new!

So, in April, our family has one birthday to celebrate (and after March, that is a huge relief)!  It happens to be one of my brothers in law, and it is probably fair to say that our styles are a little bit different. 😉  I thought it might be fun to try something a little bit different for his card, so I did some searching online to see what I could come up with in terms of motorcycle stamps.  I have to say that it was a difficult search. Now, I really do not know anything about motorcycles except that there are two very different styles – so on top of having to find a motorcycle stamp, I had to make sure it looked nothing like a crotch rocket! I did finally find a digi through Stampin’ Up, so I gave it a go!  Here’s what I came up with:

It is a bit glossy, but i managed to steer clear of the glitter! 😉

Coloured a bit with Copics and topped off with Glossy Accents, I think this digi from Stampin' Up worked great for this theme!

I was actually inspired by a weekly sketch challenge over at Two Peas in  A Bucket, but also took the opportunity to get the card done for the weekly challenge at CropChocolate (a masculine themed project with a bit of clear, gloss or transparency).  I HAD to use this Echo Park Times and Season’s Paper simply for the mustache paper – BIL has one just like it – and it was easy to use it to create something that looked like it had been dragged through the dirt (which I think is a good thing ;)).  A bit of Glossy Accents makes the fussy cut stamped image pop, although I did have to fight the urge to cover the whole motorcycle – after all, those usually SHINE!

Well, what do you think?  Anyone know a rough and tumble guy who could help me figure out if it passes the biker test?

Ready, Set…CHARGE!

Welcome to my first Echo Park Fresh Face Designer Post! To see this post on the Echo Park Blog – click here!

Project Title- Ready, Set…CHARGE!

Every year, I get caught up in the New Year’s resolution trap!  I either spend all of January feeling that nagging sensation that I have failed to yet again meet my New Year’s goals, or I ignore the process all together and spend the entire month feeling the nagging sensation that I have forgotten to do something.  So this year, I decided to keep things simple, and set one little goal that could help me feel like my life was at least slightly more organized than it was in 2011.

A little vintage inspired charging station created with Echo Park Times and Seasons collection

I don’t know about you, but in our family, cords seem to have taken over!  They seem to be everywhere (and yet often times, nowhere we can find them).  So, I decided to create a handy little charging station to keep all of the cords for our electronic devices in one tidy place. What better Echo Park collection to cover up our technological mess than the beautiful, vintage Times and Season’s collection (no, the irony is not lost on me)?  This was my first chance to break open this collection, and it left me feeling like this resolution might just be a keeper after all!

Here’s how you can create one too!


  • Echo Park Times and Seasons collection (you will need approximately 4 – 12X12 sheets to complete your project depending on the size of your box)
  • plastic or wooden box with lid, large enough to hold a standard power bar
  • drill
  • adhesive such as Modge Podge or alternative

Ready. Set...CHARGE!

The initial set-up of your box structure will vary slightly depending on the piece you have chosen to alter.  For this project, I started with a basic wooden box that was designed to hold 8 ½” X 11” paper.  To create my charging station, I simply turned over the lid of the box to create a flat surface with a secure edge, and then applied some scrap pieces of wood on the underside of the lid to keep it from sliding around on the box.

I then determined how many charging stations I would need to handle all of our gadgets, and drilled holes accordingly (make sure your holes are large enough to feed the cords through).

A place for everything and everything in its place - for once!

A power bar was placed inside the box, and a hole was drilled at the back to feed the cord.  And then, the real fun began – time to embellish!

The medallions from the Trinkets paper embellished with a bit of Crackle Accents

The best part of this project for me was playing around with the designs from this collection in a way that would compliment the purpose of the altered box, and also play on the idea of old versus new!  The flags, cut from the fantastic Lovely Noteables paper provide a punch of color to the top of the piece, and help to create a practical way to remember just which cord belongs to which device! And the medallion shapes, fussy cut from the Trinkets paper, became a simple, yet colorful “gear-like” accent for the design.

I cannot think of a more beautiful (and ironically appropriate) paper collection for a modern day charging station!

So I’m curious, how many of you are taking on a New Year’s resolution this year?

I love the vintage feel of this charging station - a little ironic, but oh so beautiful!