Doodlebug Coffee Cup gift card slider

Hi everyone!  I have to share a secret – I am obsessed with interactive cards (okay, it is not really a secret and if you have spent any time here at SCS, you will know that this is the truth)!  I love adding little elements that “surprise” my recipient…


…like a cute little coffee cup that has a lid that comes off to reveal a gift card.  Oh yeah!

When I found out that Doodlebug was releasing a set of cut files to coordinate with the adorable Cream & Sugar collection (available at for Cricut users and at the Silhouette Design store) I immediately knew what had to be done (well, after I stopped squealing anyway).  So I set out to find a way to make that lid come off…


…and I am happy to share the secret with you too!  That’s right – a tutorial!  So go cut one or two (or 100) of these cute coffee cup cut files and follow along!  You’ll be amazed at how easy it is!


Using your cutting machine, cut your file at at least 3.5″X 5″.  I used this size for two reasons –  to fit the gift card while also being able to adhere it onto an A2 card base for easy mailing.  You can definitely go larger, but a smaller size will not fit the gift card. I used a variety of papers from both the Cream & Sugar collection as well as the Petite Prints.  Have fun mixing and matching and playing with colour!

Note: I ended up creating an extra cut of the lip for the lid (see the grey piece above).  This isn’t really necessary, but because the lip ends up being raised, I liked having the matching print on the bottom as well.

tutorial-21.  Piece together all of the elements except for the bottom layer (which also forms your lid).  I played around with the placement of the heart and the arms on my coffee cup characters, and even embellished them with the This and That stickers from the Cream & Sugar collection.  Oh, and I couldn’t help but add a few Sprinkles onto the cheeks as well – the cut file has them, but I am a firm believer that every Doodlebug project deserves a Sprinkle or two! 

2.  Using a pair of scissors, cut the base piece into two, just below the lip of the “lid”.

3. Run a small amount of low stick dry adhesive along the middle bottom edge of the “lid” (you want the recipient to be able to remove the card without ripping apart the lid).  Place the gift card on top of the adhesive.  tutorial-4

4. using some dimensional adhesive, add two pieces on either side of the gift card.

5. Place the extra copy of the lid lip onto the adhesive.  The “slider” component is now complete.

tutorial-66. To create your pocket, run a small amount of liquid adhesive around the outside sides and bottom edge of the base for your cup (this is the piece that you cut away from the lid). You can run some dry adhesive instead, but make sure it is not wider than 1/8″. Be sure not to run any adhesive across the top!

7. Take the  assembled part of your cut file and place it on top of the backing with the adhesive.  You have now created a pocket that the gift card can slide into!


8. Test out your fit, and fun adding even more embellishments…

twine…like some adorable Doodle twine…

tea…or even some more Sprinkles (Bumblebee Glitter were a perfect fit here)!
stagedAnd then, find a way to part with these cuties if you can.  These are going to make their way onto the desks of my daughters’ two amazing teachers this Valentine’s day.  Who will you lucky recipients be?

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this project and tutorial made you smile!


Christmas Hop with DCWV

rr dcwv bannerSliders-2

Good morning crafters!  I am really excited about today’s post!  This week, two of my favourite companies are teaming up for some Christmas crafting fun, and today is one of my days to share a little project with you!

Every  Christmas for the last three years or so, I have gone on a bit of a chocolate bar wrapper kick!  I love making these little wrappers – not only do they serve as greeting card, but they have a yummy treat inside for the recipient that pulls out in such a fun way!


The ribbon holds everything in place until the recipient is wants to break in!  Not only can you make them in any size you want, but they also won’t break the bank even if you are making a whole bunch!

For this version, I teamed up the Merry Memories DCWV stack with three different ribbons from the Ribbon Resource:


The canvas ribbons are perfect for this project because they are really smooth and slide nicely against the paper.  At 3/4″, they are also just the right size to create a substantial bow that is a good proportion to the treat you have tucked inside!


Oh, and the mini pompom ribbon – I mean come on…how cute is this stuff!  It adds a perfect bit of texture to make the sentiment really stick out.  I think I might be a bit obsessed with this ribbon for the Christmas season!

There are three of us up today for May Arts/Ribbon Resource that have projects to share with you today!

And don’t forget to pop on over to the Ribbon Resource blog as well as over to DCWV’s blog to find out more about this week’s fun and to be entered into the giveaway!  Both companies have multiple chances to win, so make sure you get your name in!  Thanks for stopping by!


Sentiment Slider tutorial


When I first started ScrappyCanuck Studios, I found out how much I loved creating tutorials – which makes sense because I am actually a teacher by trade.  But I have to admit that the tutorials have been few and far between lately. However, when I joined the ChiChi Memories design team, they asked if I would be willing to take on one tutorial a month.  This was a perfect opportunity to dust off the the old tut hat and get back at it!

So I am really excited to have one for you today!

Tutorial-slider-openFor this little card, I used one of my favourite ChiChi memories stamps called “Elephant Love”. In the digi, the heart is actually empty, and I thought that since it was such a great space, it might be fun to create a sentiment slider to enhance this adorable part of the image.  So, when closed, the heart is filled with a fun paper pattern, and when open, the sentiment is revealed. It looks far more complicated than it really is – really!  Let me show you how:

Materials for slider component:


Step 1


Using a craft knife, carefully cut around the inside of your printed digi.  If you are planning on doodling in the cut out, you can do this now or after the slider is assembled.

Step 2


Using a piece of patterened paper, cut out a piece that is at least 1″ longer than your stamped image.  When placed in the middle, the patterned paper should extend out at least 1/2″ from both the right and left sides.

Step 3


Cut a piece of coordinated pattern paper (star paper in this photo) that is as 1/2″ longer than your stamped image, and just wide enough to cover the cutout in the stamped image.

Step 4


Test fit your papers by placing piece 2 under your stamped image, but on top of piece 1.  You want to make sure that part of piece two sticks out on one side as this will become your pull tab.

Step 5


Using any piece of scrap paper, cut 2 1″ squares and fold in half (these are the runners for your slider and will not be seen, so do not worry about the appearance of the paper.

Step 6


Turn over your stamped image, and place piece two on top in the appropriate place, covering the stamp cut out.  Place some adhesive on each of your 1″ square tabs and slide them underneath piece 2, pressing down on the adhesive to hold the slider in place.  Add three small foam adhesive square to the far end to compensate for the thickness created by the slider and the tracks for the slider.  This will also act as a stopper on the far end.

Step 7


Take the backing off of all of your adhesive, turn over the stamped image and slider and adhere to piece 1 of your patterned paper.  pull out on piece 2 to make sure it easily slides in and out.

Step 8


Pull the slider out as far as it will go without moving past the cutout.  Take your cutout shape and glue it in place onto piece.  You want to make sure to glue down the edges well so it does not get caught on the slider as it is moving past the cutout section.

Step 9

CCMT19Optional – Pull out piece 2 completely and cut a decorative edge on the left side (I cut one side and then used the scrap piece as a template for cutting the other side).  

Step 10

Tutorial-slider-dimensionAdhere the stamp and slider on to your card base and embellish.  I finished colouring my images at this point to get good colour matching, and added a bit of May Arts ribbon to my pull tab – functional and fabulous!

Variations – If the cutout section seems like a bit too much for you, and great variation would be simply to use the same technique to create a pocket for hidden message.

Phew – I think that’s it for me today!  Thanks for popping by, and I hope you will give this technique for a sentiment slider a try!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  I took a bit of a break from the blog over the holidays, but I am back with a fun post to start my second term on the Trendy Twine Design team. That’s right, Lesley kept me on for a second term and I am tickled pink…and green and white actually!  Today I get to share my new favourite twine colour – Watermelon Taffy!  It’s a combination of pink, green and white – and with my two little gals, I know that this is going to end up on so many projects.  But for now, let me show you the first one:


This little project is a gift card holder!  Created with some Echo Park Springtime paper (I know, a bit ironic), the top white part of the mitten actually pulls out to reveal a coffee card from my Canadian favourite – Tim Hortons!



I love this picture because it really shows off the cute colours in this twine!

The design is really simple – just make sure you make your mitten wide and long enough to store the card, cut two, and adhere only around the edges!  I swear, it is almost that easy! 😉

I added a little tag with a message, but you could easily include a stamped image, or even a spot for a personal message!

So come on over to Trendy Twine this month and join us for the challenge!  You don’t even need TT to enter!

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!