A Note to ME!

I recently won one of Echo Park’s new collection during one of their Facebook call in contests.  By some miracle, I was the first one to call, and a week or so later, the cute Note To Self collection arrived on my doorstep. At first, I wasn’t sure what I might use the muted, but playful collection for, but then it struck me!  Here’s the deal…

Some of you might already know that I am a teacher (this year, teaching a 4/3 combined class).  I go through sticky notes like water!  I love them because I can keep records of my student’s progress as they are working, and then easily transfer them over into my record book to help me track progress.  I also use them all the time when I am working directly with students, so they can take my tips and hints and post them right into their duotangs or textbooks.

Anyway, I am ALWAYS looking around my classroom for my sticky notes!  So I thought it would be fun to use this collection to create a little sticky-note station for myself – one that I might be able to see sticking up no matter when I am in my classroom.  I have to admit that I don;t often craft for myself (besides scrapbook pages), so it was fun to create something that I knew would really help to solve a problem for me, in a crafty and pretty way! 😉

The main framework of the station was actually folded from one sheet of 12X12 paper, cut based on the dimensions of my favourite sticky note sizes.  I created two of these shapes and then glued them together back to back to creat a bit of standing stability (and room for more stick notes too 😉 ).  At that point, I was still pretty sure I had a tipping issue, so I consulted with my creative team (my hubby), and I added a covered piece of cardboard to the bottom (another cereal box bites the dust).  With a little help from Modge Podge, Distress Ink and some twine recycled from some toy packaging, I have my very own sticky note station!

Now, if only it could help me clean off my desk…