Birthday fun – Part 1

My youngest daughter celebrated her third birthday last week so I was busy getting crafty!  In fact, I have so many fun projects to share with you that I thought I would put them into two posts!

When I asked G what kind of cake she would like, she was quick to answer – NEMO!  Now, I was pretty sure that meant a cake decorated with Nemo (as opposed to a fish cake ;)), but you never can tell with three year-olds! 😉  So, I decided to tackle my first ever underwater-themed layer cake and hope for the best.

This cake was completely decorated with modeling chocolate, and given that it was my first attempt at cake decorating, I think it turned out pretty well! It was also a lot of fun to have both of my girls and my hubby help out with the decorations. Modelling chocolate is so easy to work with!

Next up was a project a little more in my comfort zone – an interactive card!


I recently saw a tutorial for this pop-up box card on Splitcoast Stampers, although I did decide to change up the dimensions a bit.  I thought this was a fun way to show off a few of these cute stamps from Whimsie Doodles Shellabration set, and would be a great way to keep the Nemo theme without having Disney knocking on my door! 😉

The only thing I don;t love about this card is that there are not many great places to write a message to the recipient.  This time, I decided to use the front panels in the “closed” version…


…but I think next time I will include a pull tab feature instead – stay tuned…I sense a new tutorial on the horizon!


All in all, I really love the way it turned out, and the best part has been the fun that G has had with the card so far!

Well, that’s it for part one!  I have a bunch more project from the party to share tomorrow, all inspired by and pulled together with awesome ribbons from May Arts! I hope you will pop back for some more party fun!  Thanks for stopping by!

Card-fishThis card has been entered into Whimsie Doodles challenge – Seeing Spots! (bubbles count, right?) 


Free Standing Pop-up Card Tutorial

This is the closed version of the card – it will fit in a standard A2 envelope!

A couple of months ago, I shared a free standing pop-up card on the CropChocolate discussion board.  One of the ladies was really excited by the design, so I promised I would share the tutorial with her!  Now that Spring is here, I thought this fun, interactive card would be a great base for a card all about “things springing up”!  So Blue, this one is for you!

 Materials:  (all papers used for the example project are Echo Park Springtime)

–         Base: one piece of paper cut to 11″ X 4 1/4″

–         Pull Tag: one piece of paper cut to 5″ X 2 1/2″

–         Mat for Pull Tag: one piece of paper cut to 5 ¼” x 2 ¾”

–         Optional – wings: one piece of paper cut to 3” x 7 ½”

–         Fibre/twine for pull tab and embellishment (I used Stella and Rose)



  1. Using the 11″ X 4 1/4″ piece of paper, score at the 1”, 2 ¾”, 3 ¾”, 5 ½”, 7 ¼”, 8 ¼”, and 10”
  2. On the middle score line (5 ½”), mark the middle at 2 1/8” and measure out 1 ½” both ways.  You should now have a centered line along the score line that is 3” long.  This will be the slot in which the pull tag sides in and out.
  3. Using a craft knife, cut along the 3” line.  Note: depending on the number of layers you plan to include on the pull tab, you may need to make you slit wider.  If so, simply run your craft knife approx. 1/8” beside the line you have already cut.

Pull Tag:

  1. Place the paper you cut for your pull tag on the piece cut for the matting.

 Putting the pieces together:

  1. With your base card right side up, apply adhesive to the bottom of edge of  one end along the 4 ¼” side.
  2. On the other end of the same piece, apply adhesive approximately ¾” from the bottom edge (right below your first score line)
  3. Slide the pull tag through the slit in the middle of the base
  4. Fold UP the bottom 1” of the base on both ends (the ones that have adhesive), forming a sandwich with the pull tag in between in the center,
  5. The “wings” helps to keep this design open and standing.

    Optional – Although your card will now stand on its own when you pull up on the pull tag, I have added “wings” to help keep the card open.   Pull the tag up, so your card is in the open position.  Run adhesive along the back of the pull tag along the edge that meets the base of the card, and approximately 2 ½” up from this edge.  Line up your wing paper along the back of the pull tag, and adhere.  Fold the pieces that stick out over top of the pull tag across the front.  You now have two wings that can be opened when the pull tag is in the upright position. 

  6. Embellish the card on any visible section.

Although there isn’t a huge amount of space to write a message, this is a fun greeting that you can share or send to add a bit of whimsy to someone’s desk!  I love the clean lines and spots to add embellishments and fibres that really make this card fun for the recipient!

After all, who wouldn’t want a card like this smiling back at them all day!  Thanks for stopping by!

I’ve had some time for a few challenges lately…

Inspired by the lastest MME card sketch challenge and made with their fantastic Good Day Sunshine collection. The larger circle folds in so that the upright component can slide back down and into the card.

And it’s been a lot ot fun!  With a couple of design team commitments lately, I have been up to my eyeballs in deadlines, videos, photographs and blog posts.  So it has been so much fun to just have some time again to create and craft without too much pressure!  I thought I would share one of my fun projects with you today!

One of the nephews in my husband’s family turned 18 this last week, and I have to admit that I was a little bit stumped when trying to come up with some ideas for his card.  Then, I came across the latest card sketch challenge over at the My Mind’s Eye blog, and voila – I was set to go.  The sketch reminded me of a fun stand-alone pop up card that I tried recently, so I thought I would give that another go.  With my Good Day Sunshine paper in hand (this paper is fantastic for masculine cards) and the tutorial from SplitCoaststampers to help, this little creation took shape.

This is the cosed view - the way it would look straight out of the envelope.

Now, let me just say that I love this interactive card for a couple of reasons – the first is that, well, it’s interactive, and you all know I love any card that pops, pulls or twists.  The second reason is that this fun card shape is the perfect size for a small card envelope, so there is no fuss when I needed to find an envelope. I also think it is great that you can play around with the two different views of the card – closed and open.  It’s almost like planning the coordination of the inside and outside of a card, but with the need for more planning and consideration as the outside is part of the inside view and the inside is part of the outside view (how’s that for a brain teaser this fine Saturday eveining).

Recycled for toy packaging the girls received at Christmas, this twine seemed like the perfect texture to compliment the paper.

But I also have to admit that it challenged me quite a bit.  I love adding multiple layers and fibres to cards, even when I know it will cost me extra for postage. But you just can’t do it with this design – too may layers and the slide out component just simple won’t come out (or go back in for that matter). So the trick was to try to create the illusion of a lot of layers without doing too much overlapping.  So what do you think – does it look to plain without layers of paper, buttons and fibres?

August CropChocolate Project – SPLASH! A pop-up layout

Top view of Splash Layout

So it was “Something You Have Never Done Before” month for the Crop Chocolate Design team.  We had to try out something new and then put together a video to help you figure it out too!  Although I have made pop-up cards before, I have never tried to incorporate a pop-up into a layout, so I thought I would give that a try!  And since I just recently received the super cute Echo Park Spalsh paper from Crop Chocolate, I thought they would make a good combination!  So, here’s what I came up with:

Splash Popup Layout - Popup component

Hidden underneath the photo on the layout...a SPLASH!

This little pop-up component actually splashes up and outwards behind the little photo I cut out.  It took a bit of cutting to figure out just how to get it to work, so here’s a little video to make it easier for you:

Now, having said all of that, I have a little secret to share with you – there is actually a bit of MME paper in there too!  I made the splashes on the pop-up out of a piece of Surf’s Up paper I received in a cardstock grab bag I purchased through CropChocolate.  It went so well, I just had to use it up on this layout.  The only problem was…

Splash Popup Layout - Closeup

Splash Popup Layout - Closeup of embellishments

I need to learn to put my pages away quickly after I have created them.  This one suffered a tragic accident (namely split bubbles) the day after I shot the video I had to redo the background page, but was lucky enough to be able to save the pop-up (although I guess I could have just watched my own video to figure out how to make a new one! ;))  I wonder how many more pages I will see suffer an untimely demise in my days scrapping at the kitchen table! 🙂

Give it a try!  It really is a neat project, and not nearly as challenging as it appears!  And how fun will it be to have people interact with the pages you create?!