Paper Flower Tutorial – PART 3

They look so much like the real ones that I can almost convince myself that they smell!


My husband is the one with a green thumb in our family! While we both enjoy being out in the garden that we have just started to develop in the last couple of years, he is the one with flower power – he can name almost anything he sees, and he knows what to expect from so many blooms.  That works out great for me – I simply have to use my uber technical botanical terminology (something like, “Honey, I want smelly pinkish flowers”) and they magically appear.

Our pretty pink Dianthus are some of my favourite smelly floral treats.  So, creating a paper version was pretty easy since I often see them up close when I am stuffing my nose in them! 🙂  The pdf printable tutorial I posted yesterday received some positive feedback, so I thought I would create another one for today!

A little shimmer and ink makes these pretty blossoms shine!

Enjoy this little tutorial that will have you growing paper Dianthus as well as my hubby can grow the real ones!

Oh, and over at Flying House by Travelling Mama, there is a super simple, but very cute flower tutorial that you need to check out!  I can see a few different variations for this one too!  Have fun!

Last but not least – I hope you have been keeping up with the tutorials because tomorrow I’ll announce a challenge to help us celebrate this series and to get you involved in this fun week of flower power!  See you tomorrow!


Paper Flower Tutorial – PART 2


The contrasting colours on this design really help to make the shape POP!


This summer, I received my first ever flower from my daughter – a lovely little yellow Dandelion!  I have to admit that I used to think of these “flowers” as “weeds”, but when it was proudly delivered by a two-year old with a smile that can melt even the coldest heart, these petals were transformed in my mind forever!

So, for our second day of paper flower tutorials, I wanted to create a little something to commemorate that memory.  Capturing the round, “fringy” shape was the goal, and I love the effect created by the two contrasting colours in this design!  There are a fair number of simple steps involved, so I thought I would put together a printable PDF for you with all of the instructions.  This way, instead of printing pages of instructions from the blog, you’ll have a concise little 2 pager to keep in your book of ideas!  Get a copy of it here!

And if you are looking for even more ideas today, check out these pretty cardstock flowers over at Such a Pretty Mess.  I love the “brad-like” center that Gabrielle Pollacco creates for these pretty handmade petals.

Remember to come back tomorrow for PART 3 of the tutorial series!