Owl Always Love You!

I was so excited to be asked to be a guest designer this month for CropChocolate.com.  Those of you who have stopped by SCS before will know that CropChocolate is one of my favourite online stops for scrappy supplies and for great conversation with my crafty pals.   It is also the first company that took a chance on me and invited me to be a part of their design team about 2 years ago.  So needless to say, an invitation from Amber this month was a reason to celebrate!

So, I decided to dust off an idea I had a while back to create a fun treat package for those that I love!  Using some adorable MME Fine and Dandy paper and my trusty Cricut, these little love birds were born:

French-Fry-Owl-flowerI actually modified a french fry container template on the Art Philosophy cartridge to create these cuties.  Here’s how you can too:

French-Fry-Owl-greenMaterials (for one owl):
– 2 sheets – 12×12 double-sided patterned paper (I used MME Alphabet Soup).  You will want one pattern for the body/wings, and the other for the beak/feet.  Try to choose ones with good contrast for the best effect.
– pencil
– dry adhesive – get some strong stuff like Snake tape!
– scissors
– black pen
– Glossy Accents
– French fry container template or cut file (I used the one from the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge, but any template or cut file will work.  Google away!)

– scrap of white cardstock for the eyes

(click here for stepped out pictures and instructions over at Instructagram)

  1. Owl-InstructagramUsing a template for a french fry container (here’s one to try), trace and cut out onto one sheet of patterned paper or cut out using a personal cutting machine (I cut mine out at 9″ so it would be 4″ once assembled).
  2. Before assembling your template, we need to make a change to give our owl , well…an owl shape!  Take the front concave side and press it down on top of the back side.  Trace the concave shape onto the back side of your container template.
  3. Using your scissors, cut along the line you just traced.  Hang on to the piece of paper you cut off – you will need it later!
  4. Run some adhesive along the side of the container and assemble your container.
  5. Using the piece you cut and saved from step 3, draw a line across the section in which the two semi-circles meet.  Cut across the line forming a small semi-circle and a large one.
  6. Take the small semi-circle and cut it in half.  These will become the wings on the side of your container.
  7. Punch 2 – 1″ circles from white cardstock.  Punch 2 more 1″ circles form the patterned paper (I punched them out of the large semi-circles I have left over to save paper).
  8. Using a black, permanent pen, draw circles inside the eye.  Size isn’t too important, and the circles don’t even need to be matched.  You may also want to leave a small circle uncoloured to add a bit of dimension to the pupil.
  9. In a second patterned paper, cut out a small triangle shape for a beak and two heart shapes for feet.  Again, don’t worry too much about size – your owl will appear to have different personalities depending on the size you choose.
  10. Place your container on top of the left-over patterned paper approx. 1″ up from the bottom edge of the patter.  Trace the concave shape onto the paper.  This will help you create the owl’s belly.
  11. Cut along the line you drew in step 10 and adhere to the front of your container.  I used the “back-side” of the patterned paper for more contrast.
  12. This is fun part because your owl will start to come to life!  Glue on the beak at the top of the belly.  Glue the eyes over top, slightly overlapping for a “googly” look.
  13. Turn your owl to the side and glue the wings in place, using the cut edge as the top or shoulder of the wing and placing at a slight angle so the wings stick out in front of the body.
  14. Apply a small strip of adhesive across the point of each heart, and adhere to the bottom of your owl.  These feet will also help the container stand up on its own.
  15. Lay your owl on it’s back on a flat surface and apply a generous amount of Glossy Accents to the pupils.  Leave to dry.  If you want a more rounded look, apply a second layer once the first is completely dry.
  16. Have some fun dressing them up!  I placed a coordinating bow on one, gave another a little toothpick flag to hold, and gave another a bow “barrette”.  I also doodled some faux stitching along the edges, and added sentiments across the top of the belly: Owl love you forever, Owl always love you, Guess whooo loves you?
  17. Fill with candy or sticky notes or other fun treats and serve!French-Fry-Owl-pink

Cropchocolate, thanks for the invitation this month!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!


A Few of My Favourite Things!

If there is anything you need to know about me, it is that I love chocolate.  Dark, milk, and even white (if I am in a pinch), chocolate is definitely one of my favourite things!

But truth be told – it is not the top of my list!  So, when I set out to use a wooden chocolate kiss shape as the foundation for a mini-album, I knew exactly which favourite things I did want to feature – my little family!  So out came the camera, a bit of lipstick, and with a bit of convincing, my models let me take their pictures with bright kisses on each of their cheeks!

Let me back up for a minute – this piece was actually part of a CropChocolate challenge, and I wasn’t too excited about the project right off the bat!  I really wasn;t sure what I was going to do with the wooden kiss, but as part of the DT, I wanted to be supportive of the challenge.  So, with some creative consulting with my hubby (the man is really creative – he really puts my craftiness to shame…but don’t tell him I said that), we decided to break out of the mold (literally), cut the wooden kiss in half, carve out portions to add a brass heart and turn it into a mini album…so how did we do?

Here’s a bit of a step-by-step of how the project took shape

This is my oldest daughter – she even did a kissy face for me!


…and this is the little one!

And of course…the brains behind the operation! Each picture has a hidden journaling pocket too!

Crate Paper’s Cottage collection was a fun choice for this chocolate inspired project!

Now, I have to tell you that we didn’t win the challenge, which was a bit heart breaking because there was a Cameo up for grabs! 😉  But this is a project that I am really proud of for two reasons – the first is because I think we really did create something unexpected and beautiful.  More importantly though, this is a project that was really team effort for my family – we created it together!  So in the end, it is a project that not only celebrates my favourite things, but it also helped me to build more memories with them!  Cameo or not, I don`t think there can be any loosing here!

Thanks for stopping by!

No Crafter Left Behind Challenge!

Right now, a bunch of my crafting pals have gathered in Utah for the CropChocolate Spring Thing!  And while I wish I could have joined them for the chitchat, laughter, and maybe even a bit of crafting ;), work duties call!  After all, it probably isn’t the best idea for the teacher to skip out on the last two days of school, right??!!! 😉

But, many of my other crafting pals from CC are also in the “left behind” group, and we wanted to have our own fun!  So, we banded together and decided to post some challenges to inspire our own craftiness this weekend.  So come on along and join the unofficial CropChocolate No Crafter Left Behind hop! If this is your first stop, make sure to head back to Kathy’s blog – to start!  You don’t want to miss a step because there are prizes to be won!

The ScrappyCanuck Challenge:

We have a lot of challenges for you this weekend, so my challenge to you is to create a layout in under one-hour.  That’s right – start to finish in one hour (excluding drying time).  Set a timer, and GO FOR IT!  And when that timer dings, walk away!  Yup – I know it might be tough, but we have some serious crafting to get through!  Oh, and if you are not a scrapbooker, cards work as well – but you only have 30 minutes!  You heard me!  Go!!!

Remember, you can combine this challenge with up to two others into one project, but you must link it up on each blog to be eligible in each challenge.  You have until Thursday, July 5th (9:00am MST) to submit your challenge using the Mr. Linky widget below!  Post your project to your own blog or online gallery, and then pop back here to show me all your amazingness!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Inspire me to give away some blog candy!!!

Now, it’s off to see what Karey2005 has up her sleeve for you!

Participating blogs:

Sharing My Scrappy Space

So, it’s my last blog hop as an official CropChocolate Design Team member.  If you are just starting, make sure you hop back to Amber’s blog to join in on all the fun (and to get in on all the giveaways).  Here’s a list of all the ladies involved in today’s hop:


But if you have already been hopping – WELCOME!  You made it to the last stop.  So, on to business…

When the team said they want to take on “organization” as a topic, my heart sank.  Here’s the thing – I would love to be organized – just ask my husband…I LOVE lists, and timelines make my heart pitter-patter!!!  But when it comes to my scrappy space, I’m not.  I blame it entirely on two issues.  The first is where I scrap – I am a kitchen table scrapper.  I have a happy little corner in the kitchen that houses my goodies and my work space (hang in there, I’ll share it in a minute), and everyone in my family has access.  Which leads me to issue #2 – who I live with – namely, the following:


The only thing better than getting in mommy’s crafting stuff is….

…Eating it????

And remember – this is only ONE little gal of two!  🙂  So, I’m cutting myself some slack and sharing with you what I do have going for me – a great little space with room for everything that I need that is in the heart of my home, surrounded (and sometimes invaded) by the people I love! For those of you who are kitchen table scrappers, I do have some tips just for you (I’ll call them KTSTs – Kitchen Table Scrapper Tips) – because let’s be honest, we can’t all have an amazing space dedicated just to scrappiness!

So, here is my little storage area – almost everything I scrap with is located right here.  Really (4 shelves, a drawer and my colourful rolling contraption).  Just to the left of the picture is our kitchen table…okay, my scrappy table, and when I can clear enough space – our kitchen table!  I do try to clean it off when I finish a project, but let’s just say that my hubby is pretty patient!  So, here is KTST #1 – Cut yourself some slack and make sure your kitchen table has a leaf in it!  That way, you don’t have to put everything away before your project is finished to make room for family meals. Just slide it to the side! 😉  Picnics are great, but maybe not for every meal!

KTST #2 (and this is a painful one) – Keep your stash contained.  If you start overflowing your space, no matter how small it might be, purge, purge, PURGE!!!  There is always something you can get rid of – that paper pack you haven’t touched, or those embellies that you’ve had for over a year, the tool that is a pretty and “should” be useful – so do it, and don’t look back.   Drop off a few items at your local school or church, and I can guarentee that you will feel like a hero!

There is even room in there for all the crafty stuff for my girls – and they have almost as much as me!

Each drawer is labelled and dedicated to a type of product or tool

Baskets in my drawer make taking out the tools I need a breeze!

This is my entire paper collection – bagged by collection. 

I feel like I am letting you peek inside my medicine cabinet – this is probably more exciting though!

KTST #3  – If you need to store your paper vertically, and do not have one of the fancy systems to keep things organized, try something as simple as clothes pegs.  I have my paper grouped by manufacturer – with each collection in a separate baggie.  The clothes pegs help me identify very quickly, what I am looking at and where things go.  Large pegs are for companies for which I have more than one collection, and the smaller ones are for companies that I currently only have one collection.  Whether you group by theme, collection, or colour, the pegs can really help you see what you have in one quick glance.  And they are cheap.  And they are easy to find around your house!

Speaking of things to find around your house – here’s KTST #4 – Use the tools you already have – they may not be made for scrapbooking, but they will work just as well, especially in a pinch.  And the best part is, when you are finished, you don’t have to find room for them in your scrappy storage space!  Here are some of my “go to” favourites:

– Need to clean a Cricut mat (or other sticky surface)?  Get out your spatula or cutting board scrapper!  Two or three passes, and every bit of paper is cleared off!
– Need to tie a bow or make a twine pompom? Use a fork.  Different sizes for different size bows or pompoms!
– No bone folder for tight creases?  Fold it by hand and run your rolling pin over top!
– Use those handy toothpicks – they are perfect for everything…in my space, for rolling flowers of course!
– And last but not least – need a non-stick matt for spraying or inking? Get out the silicone baking sheet.  They are not huge, but will do the trick!

So, while my space will never grace the pages of our favourite scrapbook publications, I still love it!  I hope you had a bit of fun peaking into my world, and try not to give me too much of a hard time! 😉  Oh, and since I need to put my money where my mouth is – I did a bit of a purge, purge, PURGE, just for all of you!  Leave a comment below, and I will enter you into a draw to win one of the 3 – 6X6 paper collection (and yes, that is Little Black Dress, and yes, that one does hurt a bit)!  Once you’ve done that,  head on back to The Crop – we always love seeing you over there!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!