Owl Always Love You – A Candy Bar Slider tutorial

Project Title: Owl Always Love You – Candy Bar Slider
Before I started scrapbooking and chatting with crafters all over the world, I had no idea there were so many owl fans!  I agree that there is something endearing about these little creatures, and their cute sound is full of sentiment potential!  So this month, in honour of all of my CropChocolate friends who are fans of owls, I decided to team up owls and chocolate! Oh, and few hearts too!

  1. 1 candy bar (Ritter Sport used in this project)
  2. 1 piece of plain colored cardstock for body
  3. Scraps of black and white cardstock for eyes
  4. Adhesive
  5. At least 1 piece of patterned cardstock for feathers / beak / feet
  • Blue Owl – MME Good Day Sunshine collection
  • Pink Owl – MME Quite Contrary
1. Cut a piece of cardstock that is 4″ high by 9 1/8″ long.  If you are using a different candy bar, measure the wrapper to determine the height and length you will need to cover your bar (see video for description of included measurements)
2. On the front, top edge of your wrapper (the widest section), cut out a half moon shape that runs from one side to the other.  This will give your wrapper an “owl shaped” head.
3. On the same top edge, find the middle and measure down about 1/4″.
4. Press the front section down so that it lines up with the back section and punch a hole at the marked location, making sure the hole goes through both sections.
5. Measure out a piece of ribbon that is 4X the height of your wrapper. If you are using a Ritter Sport bar, your ribbon would need to be 12″ in length.
6. Thread the ribbon from the front section through to the back section.  Center the ribbon so there are equal amounts sticking out the front and the back.
7. Place your candy bar in the wrapper, pushing the ribbon down as you insert it into the wrapper.  Tie a bow at the top. Your candy bar should now slide up and down into the wrapper when you pull up on the ribbon.
To embellish:
1. Cut out at least 15 1/2″ hearts.  Apply the hearts upside down with adhesive starting at the bottom edge of the wrapper and working your way up  – 3 rows of 5 hearts.  Adjust according to your candy bar dimensions.
2. Cut out 2 hearts that are at least 2″ in height.  Apply upside down on the side edges of your wrapper for wings.
3. Cut out 2 – 1″ hearts and attach to the bottom edge for feet.
4. Cut out 1 – 1/2″ heart and attach as a beak.
5. Using overlapping circles, cut out eyes and adhere to wrapper.
6. If desired, add a message to the back of the wrapper.

Starting her early!

The blue snowflake paper designed by my two year old! I let her loose with some Distress Stain and, voila!

It’s CropChocolate.com project time again, and this month, I wanted to share a project that I actually completed with my two daughters!  We were challenged to come up with a family friendly project, so I decided to see what my two year could do if I let her loose with some Distress Stain. To get my 9 month old involved, I used fingerprints to create some stamped snowmen.  Personally, I think the results are fantastic, but I would love to hear what you think!

Here’s how you can do it too:


  • Any size plain coloured cardstock – Just be aware that this technique does involve a fair amount of splashing, so a larger piece works best!
  • Distress Stain – Broken China
  • Distress Ink – Broken China
  • Jar or container
  • Paint brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Crackle Accents (optional)
Snowflake Paper
  1. Using your Distress Stain (Broken China), add a few dabs to the bottom of a container.  Add about 4-5 tbl of water.
  2. Take your paint brush and saturate with the watered down Distress Stain.  Using a flicking motion, or by tapping the paint brush, splash colour down onto your cardstock.
  3. Using the Distress Satin in the container, randomly dab the stain onto your paper. Use a forceful arm movement so the stain splatters when it hits the cardstock. The harder you hit the dauber onto the paper, the more your splatter will look like a snowflake.
  4. Trim your paper down to the size you will need for your project.
  5. Using the coordinating Distress Ink in Broken China, use an applicator to swirl ink onto your cardstock.  Start on the outer edges and move inward in a circular motion.
  6. Take the sandpaper and run it along the edges of your paper to distress.
  7. Using the Distress Ink in Walnut Stain, run your ink pad along each edge of the paper. If needed blend with a foam applicator.  This will give the edge of your paper a slightly “burnt” appearance.
  8. Optional step – Using some Crackle Accents, apply generously to the snowflake splatters you have created. Set aside to dry.
Alternative project idea – you could just use this technique to dress up some brown or white butcher paper for unique hand embellished wrapping paper. 
Snowmen Stamps
  1. Using Distress Ink in Broken China, simply press a finger into the ink and then place down firmly onto cardstock.  Use different size fingers for each of the levels of the snowmen.
  2. Using a jounraling pen or permanent marker, draw in eyes, arms, and buttons on your snowmen.  Add a small scrap of oragne cardstock for a nose.
  3. If desired, cover the ink fingerprints with Crackle Accents.  Allow to dry and then assemble your card!

Welcome All CCers and Friends!

Good morning everyone!  Welcome to our first OFFICIAL CropChocolate blog hop!

If you arrived here from DeeDee’s blog – yahoo (that’s Calgarian for “welcome”)!  If not, I am sending you away and all the way back to CropChocolate to start there!  It’s not because I don’t want you here – it is just because I want you to have a chance to win the great blog candy that CC is offering as part of this hop!  To do that, you need to visit each of the blogs and leave a comment.  So, get going, or keep reading!

Celebrating you...

How did I get luck enough to be a part of this hop?  I made the 2011-2012 CropChocolate design team!  It’s my first time on a design team, and I couldn’t be happier that it is for CropChocolate!  It’s a great company, and I am happy to be able to use the products they sell to create fun projects to share with you all!  And here’s the first one (oh, and this project is actually a bit a sneak peak for the one I created for the August monthly challenge, but you will have to wait until the 24th for that reveal):

Can I just say that I love making cards?! I’ve been making them for family members since I was little, and although sometimes I am creating at the very last minute, it really is a labour of love!  There really is just so much inspiration that you can pull from your relationships- from nicknames for those you love, to funny sayings or situations!  For this one, I pulled out the super cute Echo Park Little Girl paper and created a pop-up card for my little girl who just turned two (my DH and I are both pop-up book fans)!  The little llama on the front was inspired by a cut on the Cricut Birthday Bash cartridge.  It isn’t the actual cutout because I am sad to say that my Expression suffered an untimely death. 😦  But I couldn’t go without this image on her card (we call her “Tama Llama DingDong!”), so I had to count on my own drawing skills this time.  Oh, and you might notice that I did a bit of distressing on the edge of the llama thanks to DeeDee’s helpful instructions on the the Crop this last week (click here to check it out if you missed it)!

...Because you're two (or 2222222)

On the inside, I played around a bit with a super easy “box” pop-up and numbers with tabs.  Right now, Tama calls anything more than one, “two”… so I thought it would be really fun to put a bunch of “2s” inside.  I hope the joy and fun I had making this card comes through for her as she looks back at this card in years to come!

Oh, and if you are feeling inspired to make a pop-up card of your own, don’t be intimidated by it!  They look far more complicated than they are!  Check out this handy little tutorial on how to create the box pop-up on Extreme Cards!

So, Happy Birthday my Little Miss!  And thank-you to the rest of you for stopping by!  Now don’t forget to leave a message below so you can be entered into our chance at some great blog candy provided by CropChocolate (I know I am going to comment so I can try to win that Slice…it might help me get over the Bug’s passing)!  And then, it’s off to Jenn’s blog – http://moon-scraps.blogspot.com/  See you all again soon!

Our First Unofficial CC Blog Hop – Day 2

Christmas in July Blog Candy

Christmas in July Blog Candy! Remember to leave a comment!

Welcome back!  It’s day two of our Unofficial Crop Chocolate Blog hop! Once again, I am the final stop on our little journey.  If you have arrived here by chance and want to take a chance at winning some “Christmas in July” blog candy, make sure you go back and visit Rosalie at the beginning of our blog hop, and leave a comment at each stop along the way.  I will draw a name at random and send out this little stash that might help you get a head start on your Christmas crafts! And yes, I will be checking to see that you have shared the love with all the ladies who tried to inspire you today!

So, speaking of inspiration, what I have I got for you today?  Well, have decided to continue on my Glossy Accents trend this week!  So here is an actual video tip (I overcame my technical issues – I recharged the battery! ;)) on using this great product by Ranger Ink with a simple piece of scrapbook paper you might be using for a layout or card.

p.s. – Picked up this cute Sassafrass Lass Bungle Jungle paper at…you guessed it – CropChocolate

Oh, and check out this “extreme makeover” on some Recollections “Birdwatching” paper.

Recollections "Birdwatching" paper

Recollections "Birdwatching" paper pre extreme makeover

Paper Accented with GA

Recollections "Birdwatching" paper accented with Glossy Accents

How cool is that???

Well, I hope you enjoyed this idea and the blog hop along the way. Don’t forget to leave a comment below, and to check back on Monday to find out if you might be one of the lucky winners of our UnofficialCropChocolate Blog Hop blog candy!  Oh, and thanks to all my scrappy friends fromCropChocolate who posted ideas on your blogs over the last two days!  You all did a great job!