Sister Love – Part 2

Yesterday, I shared a page inspired by my younger daughter, and I also promised that I would share a second layout I created for my older daughter using paper from the same DCWV stack (called Coral and Navy), but inspired by all the things she likes!


So, let me tell you a little bit about T!  This little gal is all things girly – fairies, princesses, ballerinas, pink and purple!  She is so observant and notices all the little things, and is very particular about the way things should be done (usually – her way)!😉  She has the best belly laugh ever, at the end of the day, gives the best bedtime snuggles ever!

So, when I was designing this page, I decided to focus on pink (papers and patterns), feminine (patterns and pearls) and particular (lots of details and fussy cutting)!  Even though I was using the same stack as yesterday, I think this layout has a totally different look to it!



One of my favourite parts has to be the combination of the oval, doilies-like journaling card, and all the fussy cut flowers.  All of the flowers are simply adhered in the middle so I could fold the petals up a bit more added dimension on the layout.  I also embellished the journaling card up a bit by using some of DCWV’s mini pearls.


My other favourite part of the layout (besides the pictures of course ;)) has to be the lone blue flower perched on top of the two, thin blue stripes.  The stripes were actually inspired by T’s glasses – a pair that she has had now for over two years (yup – the same pair – bent a couple of times, but never broken…which really tells you something about the kind of kid she is).  I though the flower on top softened up the two bold lines running down the side of the page, and creates a bit of movement through the details.

So there you have it – two layouts from the same stack with, what I think, is a different look. What do you think?  Do you see the two different girls in the two layouts?

Layout-pink-angledThanks for stopping by!



Sister Love – Part 1


For the next couple of days here at SCS, I thought I would celebrate sisters – in particular, my two little gals who make great sisters for each other.  Back before Christmas, I had pictures taken of the girls together, and I thought it would be fun to create a page for each of them for their scrapbooks.  I decided to try using the same stack of paper, but instead of making matching pages, I thought it might be neat to see what would happen if I used each girl individually as the inspiration. Similar pictures, the same great Coral and Navy stack from DCWV, and a different person in mind!  First up – G’s page!

Now, let me just say that G is the younger one of the two, and as you might be able to tell from the pictures, she is my little monkey.  Life is fun for G, and if she could play all day and night, she would! You might also be able to tell from those expressions that she loves getting into mischief.  What you might not be able to tell is that, although she does like pink and dresses, she adores blue and anything having to do with cars and trains – oh, and bouncy balls!

So when I was designing this page, I decided to make blue the focus, and include elements that were feminine, but not overly girly. There are so many great patterns in the stack, so there was lots to work with!


These hearts were simply cut by hand from a variety of the patterns in the stack.  If you have a punch or a cutting machine, that will work great as well, but for me, I love the actual act of cutting (as you might be be able to tell from the fussy cut flowers), so it was just as easy to cut one, and recreate it with the other papers.


This title was also cut from the stack – a simple tag element from one of the back pages.  I have to admit that I am a bit lazy when it comes to cutting out letters for layouts, so I LOVE IT when I can just use an element from the stack.  This one seemed to suit G – nice and bold and graphic, with that hint of “girly” at the bottom.


And buttons- seriously, I am not sure there is a cutter element on a page about little girls than buttons.  To create a bit more dimension, I simply cut think strips of the pink page and looped it to sit underneath the buttons like a banner.  If you prefer a flatter page, just substitute those loops with flat pieces and you are all set to go!

So, that’s it for me today! Tomorrow, I’ll share the page for my older daughter, a little girl who is all about the pink, princesses and ballerinas!  In the meantime, I am off to get these two munchkins up for the morning!  Have an awesome day, and thanks for stopping by!

Just the right paper

I have some pictures of my little gals that have been waiting around quite awhile to make their way onto a scrapbook page.  I love it when my pages can help tell a story about the girls – it’s really why I create them in the first place – and while, for me, the paper is not “the story” it really can be one of those really important supporting characters.  So sometimes, waiting for “the right paper” is worth it!

When the new “Honey Chic” stack from DCWV arrived on my door step, I was immediately struck by the fresh colours.  Here in Canada, it can take awhile for the full transition from winter to spring, so while we start to see bright pops of green around April, there are still lots of browns and deeper colours to provide lots of contrast.


This stack is full of that fresh contrast in patterns and colours, so I thought it was a great support to some pictures I have of my youngest daughter – our little spit fire who is all about fun, playful adventures!


I love that there are some really feminine patterns and colours in this stack without being overly girlie.  There are also a bung of great journaling tags that are even bold an bright enough to double as a title or feature for your page – like this one with a great “Hello Gorgeous” graphic.

Layout-detailsOh, and now a days, a layout simply would not be complete without some fussy cutting, so this one features some great little flowers that are cut from one of the patterns – easy little shapes that can be bent up on the edges for a bit more dimension.

So there you have it.  I love these pictures of my little gal, but I think this paper really helps to make them pop and tell the story of my littlest character!  Thanks for stopping by!


The Pout


January is such a crazy month, and I have to admit that I am always a little glad when it is over! Up here in Calgary it is usually cold and snowy, and the short daylight makes for a long month.  So, when I was going through photos of my girls, I had to laugh when I saw this one!  This picture of my youngest is probably how I looked all month!😉  It was time to get this one scrapped!


You might remember earlier in the month, I was singing the praises of a fun new collections of papers and embellishments from DCWV.  Well, I couldn’t help but pull it out again for this layout.  The colours were a great fit with the photo, and I thought the alphas would be perfect for the simple title!


As usual, I did a fair amount of fussy cutting for this layout.  There are lots of fun shapes that are perfect embellishments with a little foam adhesive on the back.  

If you haven’t been over to Michaels to check this one out yet, it really is worth the trip. Although my projects have all been on the “girlie” side, there really is a lot you can do with the textures, browns, blues and yellows for more masculine projects too!  It’s a great stack, and the embellishments, cards and stamps just add a little bit of extra fun!

Well, that’s it for me this weekend!  I hope you enjoy your Sunday and thanks for stopping by!