Hello Summer – It’s me!

Hello Summer! It’s good to see you hanging in there with me this year!  Up here in Calgary, it’s been a hot one…we actually had the highest recorded temperature happen last week…and this week, the smoke has rolled in from the forest fires in B.C. But it is definitely still summer, so before “back to school” slaps me in the face in two weeks, I thought I would share some summer fun!


This was a little card set I made for Doodlebug not too long ago.  I love the colours on these ones…

…and these adorable seagulls!  This collection is called Sweet Summer, and it is just that!

I used one of my favourite card styles for two out of the three- the side step card!  I love that this card allows me to feature an image or a sentiment, but also create a bit of a scene.

If you are interested in seeing more of these projects, feel free to pop on over to the Doodlebug blog.  I have posted links to all the products used and a few more details about the design and style.

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying your summer!  Thanks for stopping by!

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