Happy Thanksgiving again!

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in my friendly neighbor country to the south!  We actually celebrated Thanksgiving up here in Canada more than a month ago, but I firmly believe that there are not enough days around that remind us to give thanks so I am hijacking this holiday too!

When I think about things I am thankful for, it will be no surprise that my two little munchkins are at the top of my list.  While I have many things to be thankful for, I couldn’t pas up an opportunity to share a couple of layouts that feature my girls!

Both of these layouts feature a collection from Doodlebug called Fall Friends.  It’s an oldie, but a goodie!

If you are interested in more details, I do have a post up over at the Doodlebug Blog.  Feel free to pop by, and don’t forget to take a moment either here or there to tell me what you are thankful for!

Thanks for stopping by, and if you are celebrating today, may it be filled with all the people you are thankful for!


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