At the Zoo Cut Files

Hi everyone! Today and I am sharing what I call a project experiment – you know, one of those techniques or products you have never worked with before.  Now, while it is true that some (aka – most) of my project experiments don’t go as planned, this one had me giggling all the way to the zoo! Which is perfect, since my daughter’s are starting camp next week…at the zoo!

I still remember the day that Doodlebug announced that they were releasing cut files – it was my incentive to finally upgrade a rather aging cutting machine.  Why?  Because I knew the possibilities for new projects were just too good to pass up. But little did I know that I would be customizing shoes – seriously…does it get better than Doodlebug shoes??!!!

At the Zoo is one of the darling new releases from Doodlebug, and along with it came an amazing set of Doodlebug cut files (available at Lori Whitlock’s SVG store and Silhouette Design Store).  I decided to let my two little gals choose the characters they wanted on their shoes and even the colours we would use to create them.

My youngest thought the idea of Panda Bear was unbearably cute!  I wasn’t quite sure how to create the contrast on the black shoes she chose, but a little bit of glitter vinyl saved the day!  I played around with the bamboo stalk that comes with the Panda Bear cut file,changing the size, mirroring the image and then isolating the leaves to tie the designs on each shoe together.  it was incredibly easy to create a fun design with this file (okay, I need to make a pair of these in my size)!

And my older daughter decided to monkey around a bit more with the colours for the Monkey file, experimenting with different combinations in the software before she made a decision!  She also decided to just isolate the head shape from the cut file, which we were able to trim after cutting it in my Cricut.  Leaf 3 from the collection became our little embellishment together with some hearts to tie the colours together. These files made for a playful pair!

So, given that this was the first time I had ever worked with vinyl of any kind, I have to say that I am pretty excited about the results of this experiment!  Think of all the things I can “Doodlebug” now (this is going to be a new verb in my house)!!!!  How about you?  What will you Doodlebug next?

Thanks for stopping by!


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