Doodlebug Sketch Challenge

Hi everyone!  Today I am so excited to share with you a layout inspired by one of the amazing Page Maps from Becky Fleck!   There have been many, many, many times during the years that I have been scrapping that a layout or page just doesn’t seem to come together.  Having a sketch has saved me from frustration many times.  And let’s face it, anything that keeps crafting a fun adventure for me is a tool that I plan to keep in my pocket!

I loved the simplicity of this sketch and kept it pretty much as it was, using my favourite Cream & Sugar collection for the papers and embellishments and the Grasshopper Dot-Grid Petite Prints as my base.  I am quickly running out of this collection and it is definitely time to replenish…I just LOOOVE it!

The super cute character hearts from the Odds and Ends pack were a perfect replacement for the cute animal characters in the sketch…

…and I used some Sprinkles in a row to essentially where Becky had some stitching in the original sketch (I am a firm believer that every one of my Doodlebug projects need Sprinkles! ;)).

In the end, it’s a bright cheerful layout that was so easy to pull together with Becky’s creative helps and some cute Doodlebug product.  From beginning to end – it was about 15 minutes in the making!  Now I am all for time and detail in layouts, but it sure feels great to pound a few out every now and again (especially given my current back load of photos, if you know what I mean).  Anyway, I hope this challenge’s partnership with Becky will help get you creating too!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hugs,


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