Summer long gone!

One month ago, I was just getting back from three weeks in Florida with my family.  We had a great time, and given the amount of time my girls spent in the pool (and the sheer joy my youngest displayed when she met Ariel), it’s fair to say that they must be part mermaid.  So, while summer is definitely gone, I am pulling out the mermaids as a reminder of those great memories!


Wryn is one of my favourite Tiddly Inks characters.  Sept-30--cuWhile she is cute no matter what circumstance she finds herself in, it is her hair that makes her my favourite to colour. When I first started colouring, I loved how the pieces and layers Christy creates in her drawings really helped me learn where to put the darks and lights.  Wryns hair always seems to steal the show, and wheter I am using my E11/13/15/18 combination (like I did here) or something else, I am rarely disappointed!  And given all the detail in the stamp as a whole, Wryn really stands out, even on a clean and simple card design like this one.

So what do you think? Do you love to colour hair?

Wryn the Mermaid

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