Christmas Sweets

Sweets-hop-fullI have a bit of a weakness for two things – sweets and puns!  So when I can put the two together, I am in heaven!  Today, I thought I would share a little holiday treat all dolled up with some vintage inspired ribbons – the 2.5″  Cotton Blend Vintage Inspired Holiday Snowflakes (468-25-14),  1″ Eyelet Trim 447-1-01 White3/8″ Velvet/Gold Dots 456-38-25 Burgundy.  I think these ribbons are perfect to give a rustic, but polished look to canned goods. I wrapped each in layers around two different typed of preserves – canned peaches and an all time favourite – peach rum sauce (amazing over top of vanilla ice cream). Together, they are perfect for wishing someone a very “peach-ful” holiday season!  Having said that, they are so pretty, that I might just keep them on my kitchen counter for the holiday season.



To tie the colours together a bit, I did add a small peach coloured adhesive jewel onto the snowflake ribbon.  I like how it works with the gold dots on the velvet ribbon, but also pulls out a bit of colour from the peach juice in the actual jar.  The velvet dot ribbon is also available in a more classic red and even in green to really play up the Christmas colours.

Now, I have to admit that I don’t have a secret recipe for the canned peaches, but I will share a link for the peach rum sauce (it’s not really a secret either, but probably one you don’t come across regularly).  It really is a unique taste, and well worth the effort!

Make sure you pop on over to the May Arts blog today for more Holiday Sweet inspiration! The best part is that they are all cavity and calorie free, as long as you only window shop!

And speaking of shopping, May Arts has actually opened up an online retail branch of their company, so it is even easier to get your hands on these beauties.  Make sure you check out the Ribbon Resource.

May Arts Ribbon used:

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