Birthday fun – Part 2

DressHaving two little girls in the house is a lot of fun, and there is no end to the crafty inspiration – especially around birthday time!  Today, I am so excited to share Part 2 of G’s birthday celebration – all projects inspired by a trio of amazing ribbons from May Arts Ribbon!

When I first decided to focus on an “underwater” theme for G’s party, I hit the May Arts website for some inspiration.  There are a lot of directions you can go with underwater colours, but as soon as I came across WK34 – 1.5 Inch Grosgrain Variegated Stripes in turquoise and orange, I knew I had the perfect pallete to pull together G’s love of Nemo with underwater colours!

The first project I focused on was a little wrap dress based on a Burda pattern, but with altered sleeves.

Dress (2)



I love that this dress is fun, but not overly girly.  G is the kind of girl who loves pink as much as she loves cars, so frilly just doesn’t seem to suit her.  Originally, I had planned to go with a long sleeved dress (it is early spring in Canada after all), but I think the cap sleeve is adds a bit more of the “playful” to this birthday dress. The grosgrain ribbon created the perfect waistband for this dress, tying together the coloured of the fabric with the colours on the applique.


Next, I wanted to create some party hats.  Party hats are so easy to create – simple trace a large circle (I used a large dinner plate), cut it in half, and twist it into a cone (a glue gun comes in handy).  From there, it’s just about embellishing the hat in all sorts of fun ways!


Now, the truth of the matter is that while my two little gals love wearing party hats, we always have such a hard time keeping them on their heads.  So, I decided to team up these hats with headbands, simply using some scrap pieces of cardboard glued to the inside edge to hold the headband in place.


The ruffle was simply created by doubling the circumference of the hat and then using a hot glue gun as I gathered the ribbon around the base.  The top embellishment was simply the three inspiration ribbons stacked from wide to narrow and tied in a knot.  The wired ribbon was the perfect base, supporting the other ribbons, and allowing me to shape the embellishment so all ribbons could be seen.

Oh, and now that the party is over, I re-purposed the headbands with this flower so my daughter can wear it with the dress for the rest of the summer!


Candy-fish-full-1Last, but certainly not least, I used some of the orange wired ribbon to add some texture to that party favours.  I actually had my two little girls help me with this part – filling the tubes and holding the ribbon in place as I glued on the rosettes.  The ribbon adds just that little bit of extra whimsy that was so appropriate for the birthday of a three year old.  And the colour was the playful brightness that made this project as much of a centerpiece as it was a party favour!



So there you have it – a birthday party theme inspired by one little girl and some awesome ribbon from May Arts!  Thanks for stopping by!

Grace headband

Ribbons used:


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