What is a primary colour again?

Primary-frontAs some of you might know, I am an elementary school teacher.  So when it comes to primary colours, I feel like I have this one covered (and covered and covered)!  So, I was pretty excited to see that the newest Tiddly Inks challenge is all about primary colours! These are often colours I use for contrast or to pull a colour palette together on a project, but red, blue and yellow are not usually my focus colours.  So, working on this card was a fun challenge indeed!

For this card, I used one of the adorable images from the Buggs Mega Pack.  I love the graphic nature of this cuties dress, and I thought it was a perfect fit with the bold yellow and red colours.


I hope you’ll consider joining us for this challenge.  You have two weeks to complete and submit, and make sure there is at least one of the primary colours as the focus for your card.  I played this one tight to the rules, but remember – it’s a challenge to help you get creative – not to scare you away, so interpret the challenge in a way that works for you!

Thanks for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “What is a primary colour again?

  1. Whenever I hear people talk about primary colors I am immediately swept away to my second year in college half way through the year, my major was graphic design. I am in a second year graphics course, one that required a number of art classes taken prior, this was far from a basic how to color course. Understanding this, one can understand the shock I encountered one day in class…the topic was the color wheel. As the instructor began what appeared to be an interesting class by the elaborate color wheel, and I mean elaborate, to this day I have never seen one so rich in details for ever color. He asked a question to all of us, what are the primary colors, I kinda chuckled and thought oh please let’s get to the outer bands of this then ask lol. But no, he was serious, and asked again what they primary colors were…and we were asked to raise our hands if we “thought” we knew! I raised my hand and was awaiting the joke! A couple people guessed and it was soon apparent that I was the only one that knew, there were over two dozen students!!! All art majors!! Here I am in middle of second year of graphic design and was the only person that knew the primary colors!!! To say I was in shock and complete disbelief is a complete understatement…to this day I still look back and wonder to myself…it had to be a joke!!
    Thought I would share a bit of humor..love your primary colors card!!!
    Happy coloring!

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