A little Valentine fun!

May Arts project ideas_Page_1Happy Valentine’s day everyone! I am so very excited to share this post with you today – my first as a guest designer for May Arts!  Yup – you heard (read??) me correctly!  I have the honor of designing a few projects for my favourite ribbon company – just put “May Arts” in my search bar, and you will see just how I often I use goodies from this great company!

The other reason I am so excited to share with you today is that today’s project is inspired by my family. Whether you love or hate Valentine’s day, I am of the personal opinion that it’s great to have a day to talk about love and how we show one another we care!

So let’s get to it!  First up is a cupcake stand:

This little cupcake stand was a breeze to pull together.  Made out of some cardboard and half of a Pringles container, it was as easy as covering these recycled materials with textured paper, and then wrapping some beautiful ribbon around the edges.


One of my favorite components is this simple ribbon daisy that adorns one side of the tray – simply five pieces of ribbon with a rounded edge sew together and topped with a button. Easy peasy!


And who said that Valentine’s Day has to be all about chocolate and strawberries?  Personally, I think vanilla cupcakes topped with blueberries and a little , satin heart is just as pretty as can be!

Finally, I hit the sewing machine to create a fun ruffled apron.


The grosgrain ribbon made this project a breeze!  Not having to worry about creating and sewing the waist band took at least an hour off of this project.   Oh, and I left lots of extra ribbon so it can tie in the front, because as I realized last night, I cannot tie things behind my back. Who knew?

Apron-closeupSo there you have it – a Valentine’s collection without the roses, rinks, reds, chocolates and strawberries.  So what do you think?  Is it still worthy of the holiday?

Ribbons used:


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