This one’s for you girls!


I am so tickled to be able to share this project with you today!  When I saw this new digi from ChiChi Memories and the Baking Fun set, my heart melted.  As many of you know, I have two daughters – one who is 4 and one who is 2.  One of my favourite things to do with them is bake and cook.  They love trying to crack open eggs, mix up batter and decorate!  We usually make quite the mess, but it really is a bunch of fun! So I kind of feel like this little digi is just for us!



Today, I decided to make a card for my oldest daughter.  Yesterday, she decided we needed to make Jello Jigglers (not sure where she came up with that as we have never made them before), so I thought it would be fun to give her this little card to tell her how much fun I had yesterday!  The image was coloured with Copics and the paper for the card base is all from Doodlebug’s Flowerbox collection.  The words underneath the table are actually hand lettered, but it would be really easy to recreate the same effect with a computer font since this is a digital image.

Well, that’s it for me today!  Hopefully you can have some fun baking, cooking, crafting, or whatever else counts as fun for you!  Thanks for stopping by!


This project has been entered into the MarkerPOP challenge – Anything Goes.



2 thoughts on “This one’s for you girls!

  1. Second were the mines themselves, particularly the exhausted mines. In this part of the world probably as everywhere else Bauxite was mined in open pits. This consisted of removing the overburden which in Mackenzie was sand and piling it up into huge white sand hills. Then the bauxite ore was extracted at the bottom of the hole using a combination of trucks and trains. This meant that there had to be constructed a roadway to the bottom that followed a very low slope. This meant that the typical used mine wasn’t just a hole in the ground but consisted of lots of varied terrain. Being in the Amazonia also means lots of rain and the used mines would quickly fill up with water forming the most amazing lakes and islands. One of the properties of rain water and bauxite is that it acts to create pure clean blue sterile water. The perfect place to swim and explore. Keep in mind that the natural rivers and creeks were infested with Caymen (Aligator), water snakes, electric eels and Pirai making them very spooky places to be swimming. The huge pure white gleaming sand hills were piled high above the jungle canopy making for great lookouts and places to go sand sliding. But the crystal blue lakes were the best, especially during the heat of the day. One useful feature of Bauxite is that it is a clay and it comes in many colors. We used to get as many boys together as we could, form teams, smear our bodies with different colored clays like a uniform and have clay wars among the islands of the blue lakes. Throwing soft clay at each other as we swam from one island to the other in mock invasions, was great fun.

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