Pumpkin face fun!

I am a little bit giddy about the project I get to show you today!  It is one of the simplest craft projects I have done in awhile, but I really love it!

As you might know, I have a two and four year old at home.  Both of them love crafting, so I love coming up with activities for them.  Recently, I thought it would be fun to put a magnet board together for each of them so they could have fun creating some funny pumpkin faces.  So I got out my favourite Halloween stack from DCWV called Spooky Time (it is full of both cute and creepy patterns, so it was perfect for the pumpkin textures and the shapes), and I got to work cutting out some fun shapes.



After I drew and cut out my pumpkin shapes, I started by creating a set of simple shapes for the facial features – the traditional Jack-O-Lantern triangles, circles and such. On each shape, I put a small magnet on the back, and then placed all the shapes on a cookie sheet.

I wanted to start with the simple shape set so I could actually do some shape recognition activities with my girls (“Can you make a face with 2 circles?” / “Can you use a triangle for a nose?”, etc.).  I also thought this simple shape set would be great for talking about feelings (“What would the pumpkin look like if he was mad?”  “How could we change him to look happy?”).  And with my four year old, I thought it could be fun to come up with a story about our pumpkin…taking pictures as we went along that we could actually put together in a Photostory!

But I wasn’t finished yet!

Pumpkin-layeredYou know that I am a sucker for anything “cute”, so I had to create a set of shapes to create some “cute” pumpkins too.  I cut out some other simple shapes from coloured paper for a bit of interest.  If you used different colours, you could actually do some colour recognition activities too (“Can you add a purple nose?” “Let’s give him some orange eyes?”).  I think there are so many possibilities for this craft!

When the girls got up this morning, I was so excited to show them!



The have already told me that we need a few more shapes – like teeth! 🙂

So, if you have toddlers in the house (or perhaps some grand kids who like to visit), I hope you’ll find some inspiration in this fun Halloween craft!

Thanks for stopping by!




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