Hair Tutorial – My 300th Post!


It’s a bit hard for me to believe that today I have my 300th post for you!  Although it seems like the blog has been here forever, the scary realization is this this also means that I have created over 300 projects since I first started blogging!  Wow – that’s a lot of paper and glue! Let’s not talk about the moola…


Today, I have a quick and easy colouring tutorial for you.  I recently tried my hand at colouring curly hair, and I realized that it is quite different from tackling straight or even way hair (just like in real life)! 😉  I thought I would share a few thoughts on what is working for me to help get you on your way to an effect that works for you!  So, without further adue – let’s get colouring!  ! 😉

Start by grabbing a cute stamp or digi that implies a curly hair texture.  Often, the image will have a wavy edge.  I decided to use this adorable freebie from ChiChi Memories called “Hello Girl“.

Step 1


Choose four colours for your hair – the middle tones will be the ones you see the most of, so choose one that is lighter and one that is darker to allow for highlights and depth.  I chose Copics E23. E25, E39 and RV99.

Step 2


Starting with the lightest shade (E23), outline around the edges of the hair and then fill in with squiggly lines (I know – so technical)!  Don’t worry about leaving white spaces!

Step 3


Using the next shade (E25), repeat the same steps, using this next layer of squiggly lines to fill in some of the white spaces, but also to overlap the ones you have already drawn.  When finished, it will look something like this:


Step 4


Using the 3 lightest shade (outline the edges of the hair once again.  Using short strokes and dots, add texture to the hair.  At this point, you want to make sure that most of the white is now gone.

Step 5


This is my favourite step because it really starts to create depth in the hair.  Using your darkest shade (like RV99 – don’t be afraid to use a dark colour here – even on a lighter hair colour), add short, squiggly lines and dots, focusing your strokes around the outside edges of the hair, and in any parts that would be recessed – like a part.  Colour along a few of the lines you created in step five, staying on one side of the line.


And that’s it!  I think it gives a pretty good illusion of curly hair without too much effort!  Four colours, four layers, and you are ready to get this cutie onto a card!

So there you have it, now go have some fun colouring hair!  Thanks for stopping by today!




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