So Thankful

Hi everyone!

As some of you might know, I had the chance to design for Whimsy and Stars Studio this summer.  With back to school, and a bit of a busier schedule, I wasn’t sure I would be able to continue, until Mabelle offered me guest designer position for the fall – a perfect for me!

So today, I have a little project for you to help celebrate one of the great things about this time of year – giving thanks!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it is a great chance to reflect about the people and things in your life that bring joy!

Mabelle asked me if I could work the cute digi called  “Sweet as Pie“, and I was happy as pie to oblige!

This little card was actually paper pieced to give a bit more definition to the stamp.
It’s actually a really easy process!  Here’s how you can recreate the effect:
  • 2 copies of your digi stamp
  • a good pair of scissors with a sharp point
  • foam adhesive
Step 1
Print off 2 copies of your image.  Decide what part you would like to “pop out” on your card (I decided to feature the bear’s hands and pie).  On one image, only colour the part of the image that will pop out (eg. the hands and pie).  For the other image colour everything except the part you want to feature.  However, do go and add a little border around the shape so then the image is layered, you will not see white behind.
Step 2
Carefully cut out the piece with a good pair of scissors. Apply a couple of pieces of foam adhesive on top of the second image where you want to place the piece you have cut out.
Step 3
I actually ended up going back to the image and cutting it apart to create even more layers at the dress hemline.  I also added some foam adhesive behind the bear’s head so that it would slight pop out on the card as well.  You can have a lot of fun with this process and really add some interest to your cards!
I hope you were inspired to get creative today and try paper piecing some of your Whimsy and Stars Studio stamps!  Thanks for stopping by!

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