Today is brought to you by the Letter “G”


We have a little gal in our house who loves the colour blue.  And although she is only two, if you ask her what her favourite colour is, her answer is always the same.  In fact, the other day, I asked her what colour she wanted to paint the walls in her room, and she was as clear as her little two year old speak could be – “bwoo”!

So I decided to start by creating a letter for the door to her room.  I picked up a white, wooden letter from my local craft store (with my coupon, of course), and grabbed one of the new stacks from DCWV called “Little Mister”.  Okay, now I know that this probably wouldn’t be the stack that most people would pick up for a project for a little girl (especially since there is a great one called “Little Miss”), but G was pretty clear – she wanted bwoo!  And it makes sense that this fun stack is full of great “bwoo” patterns.  So the challenge was on – make a little project for a little gal from a stack called “Little Mister”!

Letter-G-closeupSo what do you think – does it still look girly?

This project was actually really simple to make!  Simply pick up or cut out a letter that is meaningful in some way.  These wooden letters are nice, but you can get the same effect by using some cardboard and a cutting machine, so don’t be afraid to work completely from scratch!  Choose your piece of cardstock, and turn it to the wrong side.  Flip your letter as well, and then trace the outline onto the patterned paper (if you are using an electronic cutter, you can skip these steps).  Cut it out with a sharp pair of scissors.  Take some decoupage paste and apply a thin coat to your letter – make sure to get all the edges, but don’t put too much on or the paper will slide around when you place it on top.  Flip over the patterned paper and press it down into the paste, making sure to line up all sides.  Place something heavy on top (I actually used my “Little Mister” stack ;)), and leave it to dry for at least 15 minutes.


Check out all these fine new rhinestones and pearls from DCWV!

While you are waiting, get your embellishments ready. I started by tying some tulle onto the letter, and then added a white bow from ribbon I had from May Arts.  I then cut out a sentiment card from the stack and glued that below the ribbon and tulle.  Finally, I cut out a flower from white cardstock using my Cricut (but you could just buy a silk flower), and used a piece of green patterned paper from the stack to make a couple of leaves.  Once the letter was completely dried, I used my glue gun to adhere everything in place.  Finally, I got out some of my new bling from DCWV, and I was all set.  From beginning to end, with drying time, the project was finished in less than an hour!

Well, that’s it for me!  I have to head off and make another one – this time in pink using the “Little Miss” stack for my other daughter! 😉

Little Mister


3 thoughts on “Today is brought to you by the Letter “G”

  1. Love your “G” letter Karen! I saw it on the DCWV blog today and loved it right away! I am also making a letter this month.. I hope it is as cute as yours! 🙂 Lucky daughter of yours to get this! 🙂

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