Who says stamps are just for cards?


I have been working on a LOT of cards lately. In fact, I think I am on a bit of a card overload.  So for release day at Kraftin’ Kimmie stamps, I decided to try my hand on something a little different!

Flowers-pendantTo create this set, I actually used a product called “Shrinky Dinks” (yeah, I know…don’t get me started on that), and teamed it up with the new “Flowers Feed The Soul” set from Kraftin’ Kimmie Stamps.  The neat thing about Shrinky Dinks is that you can stamp and colour on them and then throw them in the over (or use a heat gun) and the product will shrink in proportion.  After a bit of experimenting, I found that stamping on the shiny side with Archival Ink, and then colouring on the back “rough” side with Copics worked best for me.  But you can also work with pencil crayons and get a great result as well!  

Flowers-earingsNow, some of you might know that my hubby is actually a goldsmith – and a pretty darn creative one too!  So I called in a few favours and had him help me out on this project!  While you could totally punch the holes for your jump ring and shepherd hooks before hand (remember, those will shrink as well), I actually had my husband drill the holes after the plastic was down to it’s final size.  Just note, if you are going to wait until the end, you will need a drill – a punch will not be strong enough to get through the thickness of the plastic.  

So come on people, grab your stamps and shrink some shrinky dinks (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)! All the new stamps are up in the Kraftin’ Kimmie store now, so treat yourself to a little retail therapy!  And don’t forget to pop by the blogs of all the Krafty Girls to see the fun projects they created with this month’s new releases!  

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11 thoughts on “Who says stamps are just for cards?

  1. I have loved my Shrinky Dinks since I was 10…they were a big kiddy craft item back in the late 70’s. I remember trying to find them later as an adult and was disappointed that I couldn’t find them anywhere; you can imagine my delight that they are not only around again, but considered an appropriate item for adult crafters. They do make some fantastic jewelry, but then again I am a fan of the old vintage costume jewelry. This would fit right in with my collection.

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