Take risks


Okay, so here’s the thing!  About a week ago, I published a post about some cards that I had submitted for publication.  The cards were not accepted, but I thought I would share them for inspiration anyway.  Well, thanks to my pals at DCWV, the story of my rejection got out, and before I knew it, I had page after page of comments from all of you sharing in my feeling of rejection and encouraging me to craft on!  🙂  The comments were wonderful, and I was so humbled that so many of you took some time out of your day to post your comments of support.  It really did mean a lot to me!

263261_10200515657266254_926831039_nSo, I wanted to create a little card of thanks and encouragement of my own today.  I pulled out one of my new favourite stacks from DCWV called Vintage Collector and grabbed one of the chalkboard inspired quotations as the main focal point on the card.  There are a bunch to choose from in this stack – it is full of all sorts of fun stuff! From there, I just did some layering with the great patterns, added a bit of ribbon from May Arts, and topped it off with some brads (because really, what is a “collector”card without one of my favourite things to collect – brads!)

Thank-you again for your kind words and encouragement!!!  I read every single one of the comments here and on the DCWV blog, and each comment was something special to me!

Live-dimensionThanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Take risks

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  2. This is SO pretty!!!!! I love it! And please DON’T give up on submitting!!!! I KNOW it can be discouraging, and I know it takes a lot to put yourself and your work out there. Even after having a lot of work published, it’s STILL hard sometimes to take a risk, and share things I’ve made. Please remember, that just because a card isn’t picked up for publication, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t fantastic. Sometimes they’re looking for certain colors, or they need more of a certain style and they have to pass on a LOT of really fabulous projects. So keep trying!!!!!!! Okay?! 🙂

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