A Mixed Media Experiment

I love the look of mixed media – the textures and colours are always so enticing to me.  But trying it is a bit intimidating…I’m pretty comfortable with paint and brushes as well as paper and glue, so I am not sure why, but tackling a mixed media piece takes about as much courage as I have!

But, yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I had an idea for a gift for my mom that I really wanted to try to make work.  So, out came some paper from DCWV’s Fiesta Forever stack, some paint, Modge Podge, stamps, brushes, bubble wrap and bling, and I let that blank canvas have it!


Oma-FlowersNow the truth of the matter is that this didn’t exactly go as planned…mostly because I didn’t really have a plan!  Paint went on, and paint was wiped off.  Paper went on, and paper was ripped off.  Modge Podge went on…and, well…more Modge Podge went on and on and on and on… In the end, I think I have a colourful little project that “Oma” can find a place for.  After all, you can never go wrong when you top off the piece with pictures of the grandkids, right?  Perhaps I had a plan after all! 😉

Thanks for stopping by today!



2 thoughts on “A Mixed Media Experiment

  1. I have trouble with mixed media also.Maybe it’s the name.I paint and scrapbook and work with stuff but putting it all together seems,hard.
    Love how you pulled it together though!

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