One of the many fun things about being a teacher is being able to keep up on all the “lingo of the young people”.  However, the one thing I have learned is that, in many cases, it is not okay for me to use it even if I know it….I get the strangest looks from my students (which is often just what I am going for! :)).  Apparently, one must be of a certain age for these words to be deemed “cool”.

But the great thing is that I also have some greetings for cards for my cool nephew who happened to turn 10 this last week.  After all, it’s not like I am directly saying it if it is on a card, right?Epic-full

So, this year I teamed up a…dare I say….cute????  Whimsie Doodle Stamp with one of the newest stacks from DCWV called Sunday Afternoon.  This stack is full of amazing patterns with enough detail to work on cards and larger projects.  And with a huge variety of colors, I am sure I can get as many masculine as feminine themed projects out of this collection!  It really is fun, bright and cheerful – just like a Sunday afternoon (until you realize it is back to work the next day, right???)Epic-dimension!

Although the word “Epic” doesn’t appear in this stack, there are so many fun words in different fonts that you can fussy cut to make all sorts of combinations.  I added these letters on with foam adhesive so they would stand out, and pressed them down in different ways to add a bit more dimension.

Well, I think it’s a pretty cool card.  But in them end, only a ten-year old will really tell! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Epic!

  1. Now that’s a great card!! I won’t say ‘Epic’ or ‘Sic’ or whatever other term kids nowadays say! I have 2 teens at home, and when they first started to say ‘sic’, I was confused…but apparently that word is a good term…so…that’s good…but I won’t say it. Just that your card is really great!

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