Lovin’ Argyle!

A few weeks ago, I came across a fun argyle inspired yarn wreath on Pinterest (click here to take a look). I loved the idea of the argyle pattern combined with the yarn, and figured that the only thing that could make it cuter would be twine!

So, for my second Trendy Twine project this month, I decided to create a wreath of my own.


wreath-flowerThe best thing about this wreath is how easy it really is – it does take a bit of time (I do remember sitting with my hubby and asking him if I was on drugs when I took this project on…in all fairness, I had been wrapping yarn around the wreath for a couple of hours), but I think it was well worth the time!  Once I had the base wrapped, I simply cut some hearts from felt and wrapped Cherry Cupcake Trendy Twine (on sale until the end of the day) over top of the hearts, making sure to cross over in the middle (approx) of each heart.  I then created some fun felt flowers and added a twine tassel to the centre for some added dimension and attached to the wreath with a straight pin.  That’s it!  Really!

So, while you might not be a fan of wearing argyle, consider hanging it on your door! 🙂


Thanks for stopping by today!

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