Guess hooo is thinking about you?


Guess hooo is thinking of you?

I have a confession to make – I think I am organically challenged.  I don’t mean in the food sense, but rather in a crafting sense.

The other day I was looking back at my projects and I was realizing how much I count on geometric shapes in my designs.  Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t think there is anything wrong with geometric. But my eye is always drawn to layouts and cards that play with organic shapes so I figured it was time to challenge myself a little bit.

Okay, now before you get all over me because there are still plenty of rectangles in this design, let’s remember “baby steps” people! 🙂


Using my 6×6 Kidlet stack, I simply drew a random curvy shape on the pink paper, cut it out and traced it onto the burgundy patterned paper.  That part was easy…the hard part for me was figuring out how to embellish the rest of the space. And yes, out came the straight edge! 🙂

So, my next challenge is going to be create a layout with no straight edges (except for the background)!  Any advice?

Wish me luck!


This stack works so well with Twisted Teal Trendy Twine!


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