Owl Always Love You!

I was so excited to be asked to be a guest designer this month for CropChocolate.com.  Those of you who have stopped by SCS before will know that CropChocolate is one of my favourite online stops for scrappy supplies and for great conversation with my crafty pals.   It is also the first company that took a chance on me and invited me to be a part of their design team about 2 years ago.  So needless to say, an invitation from Amber this month was a reason to celebrate!

So, I decided to dust off an idea I had a while back to create a fun treat package for those that I love!  Using some adorable MME Fine and Dandy paper and my trusty Cricut, these little love birds were born:

French-Fry-Owl-flowerI actually modified a french fry container template on the Art Philosophy cartridge to create these cuties.  Here’s how you can too:

French-Fry-Owl-greenMaterials (for one owl):
– 2 sheets – 12×12 double-sided patterned paper (I used MME Alphabet Soup).  You will want one pattern for the body/wings, and the other for the beak/feet.  Try to choose ones with good contrast for the best effect.
– pencil
– dry adhesive – get some strong stuff like Snake tape!
– scissors
– black pen
– Glossy Accents
– French fry container template or cut file (I used the one from the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge, but any template or cut file will work.  Google away!)

– scrap of white cardstock for the eyes

(click here for stepped out pictures and instructions over at Instructagram)

  1. Owl-InstructagramUsing a template for a french fry container (here’s one to try), trace and cut out onto one sheet of patterned paper or cut out using a personal cutting machine (I cut mine out at 9″ so it would be 4″ once assembled).
  2. Before assembling your template, we need to make a change to give our owl , well…an owl shape!  Take the front concave side and press it down on top of the back side.  Trace the concave shape onto the back side of your container template.
  3. Using your scissors, cut along the line you just traced.  Hang on to the piece of paper you cut off – you will need it later!
  4. Run some adhesive along the side of the container and assemble your container.
  5. Using the piece you cut and saved from step 3, draw a line across the section in which the two semi-circles meet.  Cut across the line forming a small semi-circle and a large one.
  6. Take the small semi-circle and cut it in half.  These will become the wings on the side of your container.
  7. Punch 2 – 1″ circles from white cardstock.  Punch 2 more 1″ circles form the patterned paper (I punched them out of the large semi-circles I have left over to save paper).
  8. Using a black, permanent pen, draw circles inside the eye.  Size isn’t too important, and the circles don’t even need to be matched.  You may also want to leave a small circle uncoloured to add a bit of dimension to the pupil.
  9. In a second patterned paper, cut out a small triangle shape for a beak and two heart shapes for feet.  Again, don’t worry too much about size – your owl will appear to have different personalities depending on the size you choose.
  10. Place your container on top of the left-over patterned paper approx. 1″ up from the bottom edge of the patter.  Trace the concave shape onto the paper.  This will help you create the owl’s belly.
  11. Cut along the line you drew in step 10 and adhere to the front of your container.  I used the “back-side” of the patterned paper for more contrast.
  12. This is fun part because your owl will start to come to life!  Glue on the beak at the top of the belly.  Glue the eyes over top, slightly overlapping for a “googly” look.
  13. Turn your owl to the side and glue the wings in place, using the cut edge as the top or shoulder of the wing and placing at a slight angle so the wings stick out in front of the body.
  14. Apply a small strip of adhesive across the point of each heart, and adhere to the bottom of your owl.  These feet will also help the container stand up on its own.
  15. Lay your owl on it’s back on a flat surface and apply a generous amount of Glossy Accents to the pupils.  Leave to dry.  If you want a more rounded look, apply a second layer once the first is completely dry.
  16. Have some fun dressing them up!  I placed a coordinating bow on one, gave another a little toothpick flag to hold, and gave another a bow “barrette”.  I also doodled some faux stitching along the edges, and added sentiments across the top of the belly: Owl love you forever, Owl always love you, Guess whooo loves you?
  17. Fill with candy or sticky notes or other fun treats and serve!French-Fry-Owl-pink

Cropchocolate, thanks for the invitation this month!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!


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