Twine bulbs!


I love the shadows on the wall!

I have a fun project to share with you today using one of my favourite Trendy Twine colours – Christmas Candy Cane!

Lights-1These fun light covers (someone really needs to help me out by finding a better name for them), were created simply by taking some twine, dipping it in fabric stiffener, and then wrapping them around some small balloons.  Once the twine was dry (it took about 24 hours), I simply snipped off one end of the balloon, and then slipped them onto a strand of lights.  It was really that easy!  I also added a few clear beads onto some of them of a bit of sparkle, and I also think they would look great dipped in a bit of glitter!  For a few days, I also just had then sitting in a clear bowl, and it was quite a cute centerpiece. I think there are just so many ways you could use this simple craft!

Well, Christmas is coming quickly, and I still have a few more projects to show you, so I hope you will have some time to pop by again soon!  Thanks for stopping by!


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