Hanson’s Harrys!

It’s back to school time up here in Alberta, and that means back to work for me!  Each year, I am plagued by the same dilemma – how to keep track of the supplies that I lend out to students.  Now don’t get me wrong parents – I know that you send your kids to school with their supplies.  But somewhere between your home and their desk, some of them must run into the school supply monster (a cousin of the sock monster to be sure).  I have some usual suspects who are always in need of a pencil, scissors, ruler, eraser, sheet of paper…I think you get my point!

So this year, I decided to try to scare off those SSMs with a little monster of my own – Hanson’s Harrys!  Created with the adorable “Chocolate SprinkleTrendy Twine (a twist of soft baby blue with a hint of brown), this little monsters should be easy to see as they make their visits around the classroom. They were as easy as creating pompoms with the twine, and then adding some wrapped toothpick to extend the eyes.  With a bit of paper for the feet and another toothpick at the bottom to attach to the eraser on the pencil, these were a fun a simple project for the classroom!

Now the only problem might be an increase in the “missing pencil” situation…after all, wouldn’t you rather use one of these little guys?


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