Krazy For Kraft Kontinues! ;)

I know that I have already shared with you my two Trendy Twine projects for this month, but I have a couple of extra ones to share! And if you are a fan of chocolate ice cream – these are two cards you do not want to miss!

Have you ever been to the beach and had one of those delicious chooclate and vanilla swirl ice cream cones?  Well, I haven’t, but for some reason the beach makes me think of them (perhaps it is the sand…all I know is that it doesn’t take much to remind me of chocolate)! 😉  In any case, Trendy Twine’s Krazy for Kraft twine reminded me of this delicious treat so I thought I would have some fun making icecream cone embellishments!

This first one was simply created by drawing an ice cream shape and then wrapping the twine in a back and forth motion across the shape.  I did try spiraling the twine, but I found that it actually looked more like a sucker, so I opted for this technique instead.  The good news was that it actually gave me a little ledge to prop the cherry on as well!  I did, however, use the spiralling technique to create the little lip of ice cream at the top of the cone!  Oh, and that cone was created simply by using three of my Copics for a bit of colouring.

Now, if the idea of drawing and ice cream cone freaks you out, fear not – your dreams of chocolatey, swirly twine ice cream need not be dashed!  This little embellishment was actually created by using a Paper Smooches stamp  from the Sugar Rush set.  I simply stamped the image and then filled in the ice cream part with the twine, running it randomly at the bottom to create that “drippy” appearance.  I then layered it on top of a cone (again, I drew and coloured this one, but you could just use the stamped image instead for an equally cute cone),  and added a cheery cherry for a pop of colour.

So there you have it –  Krazy for Kraft twine that looks good enough to eat!  And just think, with all the fun colours available, you could create a card for any ice cream lover in your life!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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