April Showers bring…

May Arts flowers of course!  😉  I recently had a chance to participate in the May Arts/DCVW craft challenge.  Participants sent in ideas for projects, and 25 lucky ladies were chosen to receive some product to bring their idea to life! I was one of those lucky ladies, and about a month ago, I received half a stack of a DCWV stack called Snapshot and four different types of coordinating May Arts ribbon in the mail.  So, after getting over a bought of strep throat, I got my crafty on:

Created almost entirely from paper, the project idea was initially inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest (featured at Better Homes and Gardens) showing a “real” version of this idea – an actual umbrella filled with beautiful, live flowers.  I was struck by the shapes, and realized how easy it would be to create a paper umbrella with just three paper cones.  The idea grew from there!

The Snapshot stack is filled with little Poloroid features which were fun to include in the design.  Each is actually a hidden journaling spot which could be used for pictures, journaling, or even a quote of saying!  Each flower also contains a ribbon element to add dimension and a bit of colour!  Some flowers were fussy cut, some were hand cut, and one was even created with the Cricut Flower Shoppe Cartridge.  There are even a couple of “ribbon only” rose buds in there!

Now, if receiving the items to create our projects wasn’t enough, May Arts and DCWV also selected 10 of the 25 projects to recevie even more product!  While all of the products were featured on Wednesday’s blog posts at MA and DCWV, today is the big day when the final winners are announced.  Is my umbrella there???  We’ll have to go and see!


5 thoughts on “April Showers bring…

  1. Woman you are amazing. I just showed this to my DD and like me, she couldn’t believe that’s not a real umbrella!

  2. WOW! It’s just amazing (as usual)! Love the umbrella and flowers . . . and you don’t have to worry about watering the flowers. 🙂

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