Create and Celebrate!

This month, for my CropChocolate Design Team project, I was inspired to create a project that would help celebrate the little crafters and artists in our lives!  My two-year old loves to paint (especially with glue and glitter), and always feels so special when her artwork is displayed on our fridge.  I thought it might be a fun (and easy) to create a magnetic frame that we could use to feature her artwork on our fridge.  The fun thing about the magnetic frame is that you also do not need to worry about the size or direction of the artwork that the frame helps feature – the magnets simply hold the frame over top of the art in any direction you want, and it actually looks really interesting when parts of the art are sticking out on each of the side.  So, if you have a little one in your life that would love to be part of a fridge gallery, grab your scissors, some liquid adhesive and follow along!  Oh, did I mention there is a fussy-cutting tutorial?  Don’t worry – not only is it an optional part of the project, but it is also painless!  I promise!

– wooden frame (the lighter the better)
– at least 2 strong magnets
– Approximately 2-4 sheets of 12X12 patterned paper (you may need more or less depending on the size of your frame – For this project, I used Echo Park Life is Good
– Liquid adhesive
– Sharp scissors
– Twine for edging (Check out Trendy Twine’s Chocolate Truffle)
Step 1 – Covering the Frame
Cut your 12X12 paper in strips to cover each side of the frame. Use a strong liquid adhesive (to glue in place.  Note: I also used some Distress Ink and some faux stitching around the edges of each panel to provide a bit more contrast between the sections.
Step 2 – Fussy Cutting the Embellishments

a. Cut a rough outline around the shapes you would like to cut.  You want to take off as much paper around the shape as possible to make it easy to cut closely.  
b. Now that the majority of the paper has been removed, it is time to get in and cut precisely around the shape.  Open your scissors, and place the edge of your paper as far into your scissors as possible.  Apply constant pressure, and do not cut all the way to the end of the scissors.  

c. When cutting a corner, always cut in from both sides instead of trying to turn your paper while your scissors are in the corner.

d. For any sections that need to be cut that are surrounded by the shape you would like to keep, use a utility knife to carefully cut out the piece.  

e. Always move and turn your paper instead of your scissors.  This will help you get a smooth cut even around curves!

e. Run some ink around the edges of your cut.  This will disguise any imperfections in your cutting (not that there will be any ;)).  Adhere your embellishments onto your frame.
f. For a great layered, 3D effect, fussy cut two versions of the same shape and glue one on top of the other, leaving the edges free to fold and curl.

Step 3 – Apply the magnets

Artwork courtesy of T. Hanson! 🙂

Apply at least two magnets to the each side of the middle of the back of the frame.  This will allow you to place a variety of sizes and shapes of paper behind the frame, and have it held in place in the middle.  I also used some liquid adhesive to run some twine (Trendy Twine’s Chocolate Truffle) along the inside and outside edges.  You are all set to go!

Don’t worry if the piece of art you are featuring behind the frame is not the right size or shape – it actually looks really great if parts of it are popping out from behind the frame!  Have fun celebrating the creations of the special people in your life!


6 thoughts on “Create and Celebrate!

  1. I love this project! And thanks for the tips on fussy cutting. It has made my life . . . well, maybe not life, but definitely my project much easier. 🙂

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