The Ensemble!

Echo Park Springtime, Playground and Dot's and Stripes papers suited the playful collection I created to celebrate our 1 year old!

The celebration continues!  I thought tonight, I would share with you some of the fun favours and tabletop decorations that I created to support the playful giraffe theme at my daughter’s party last weekend.  If you love the giraffe card and haven’t had a chance to see the tutorial yet, make sure you go and check it out!  It was actually the piece that inspired this whole ensemble! The second, paper craft that I tackled were the party favours that were created to hand out to our guests.  A simple 6X6 square was rolled into a cone shape and decorated with cuts from the Create a Critter Cricut cartridge.  I have noticed that paper cones are quite popular for party favours, and often, they don’t include the little point up the back – my advice is to keep it!  Not only does it give you an easier shape to roll (less cutting!!!), but it also allows you to include more treats in a way in which your guests can see them better!  Oh, and if you need a little tutorial about making paper cones, check out a video tutorial I created back in January that shows you the process (this tutorial was for a paper cone wreath, but the process is identical)! Another simple component of the ensemble were the giraffe ears that I created.  These were so quick and easy, but really were one of my favourite parts. I simply cut some ear and little horn shapes out of paper and glued them right on to headbands.  I couldn’t convince any of the adults to put them on (what a bunch of party poopers ;)), but my girls did manage to keep them on long enough for pictures!  Party hats are cute, but these ears take the cake! 😉 Last, but not least, were the cute thank-you cards created to share our gratitude with all of those who were able to join us for our celebration, as well as some delicious cupcakes (marble of course) that were embellished with paper leaves, ribbons and candy giraffes (didn’t my husband do a fantastic job on the giraffes??!!).   I have to tell you that it is actually a miracle that the cupcakes made it to the table.  The little angel you see in the picture with the ears loves to help me make cupcakes, but isn’t always the most patient in waiting for them to be complete.  From finding one half eaten on a baking sheet, to finding two more full of finger holes (she was trying to apply sprinkles, but there was no icing yet, so she just poked them in), the fact that we had any that we were able to share is surprising! Well, that it’s for this ensemble!  I hope it inspires some ideas that you might be able to use at a party too – oh, and if you make the ears and can get the adults to wear them, please send pictures! 🙂  Have a great night everyone!


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