Creativity is a process!

A couple of weeks ago, a crafty friend of mine was struggling with a bit of a creative block. Having been in “that place” many a times, I was reminded of a video that my hubby had shared with me at one point on the creative process.  Although not directly about creative block, it was a really poignant look at the creative process and helped me put things into perspective in a way that allowed me to move past the frustrations with my work (or lack thereof) and just see the process again with a new set of eyes.  Take a look:

Ira Glass on the Creative Process!

So, I am interested to know – what helps move you through your creative blocks?


2 thoughts on “Creativity is a process!

  1. Thank you SOOO much for posting this!!! I have DEFINITELY gone through this MANY times, and this is the first time I’ve seen this! No, this doesn’t directly address MY type of creativity, but I also believe this pertains to ANY type of creativity!! This sums it up perfectly!!

    For me, my support system of family and friends push me through my “blocks”. Also, seeing a lot of different work online and in magazines inspires me to get through it and just start creating! There are SO MANY resources out there now for pretty much any kind of art, and I would encourage anyone going through a slump to just look and let the inspiration flow! I completely agree that making ourselves do a large volume of whatever it is that you do will help to get you to “that place” where you are truly happy with what you’ve made!

    Thank you again for sharing this, Karen!!!

    • Erin, I am glad it came in handy! I’m not a writer either, but there have been many times when I have faced a crafty project and felt like this! The best way through my slumps are by just getting to it and creating and creating and creating!

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