An Afternoon Wedding

Closeup of some fussy cutting! I love the layers on this layout!

If you have spent anytime hanging around Scrappy Canuck Studios, you will know that I am a bit of a sucker for interactive cards. If it spins, pulls, or pops-up, I have to try it!  Now, it is completely true that these types of cards often push me to the point of swearing, but there is a twisted feeling of success when I can actually engineer paper to consistently do what I need it to do! It may be frustrating, but it is easier than getting my family to do what I want them to do! 🙂

So, it only made sense to start adding interactive elements to my scrapbook pages too!  One of the most functional (and easiest) is the hidden jounraling tag!

A little hidden journaling pulls out from behind a picture

What I love about this technique is that the pictures still take center stage, and I don’t have to worry too much about making sure my journaling is “beautiful”.  Sometimes, there are also sentimental messages that I might write to my girls that I only want them to know about, so these little hidden tags are a fun way to keep part of the page just for them!

An afternoon wedding. Hidden journaling tag is behind the little picture.

This layout was a celebration of a wedding that we attended in 2011.  At the time, my oldest daughter (our only little one at the time) was fascinated with shoes (that’s my girl!), so this was a fun opportunity to capture her having a fun afternoon in a pretty pair of shoes.  Using the beautiful Bittersweet collection from Basic Grey, this is one of my favourite layouts!  Besides creating many layers by fussing cutting the paper, I also used some Perfect Pearls in Bisque to emphasize the distressing on the paper and add a little shimmer (because a wedding page is just not a wedding page with out a bit of shimmer).

So, did I love adding the little interactive element – OF COURSE!  Am I going to try some more – you bet!  Any ideas?


4 thoughts on “An Afternoon Wedding

  1. This is an adorable page! Your daughter reminds me of my oldest daughter at that age, same fascination with accessories. I love interactive cards, but I use page protectors for my photos (I’m really protective of my photos!) so I’m not sure if I’d ever do this in one of my scrapbooks, but it looks like such a fun idea for bookmaking or cardmaking!

    • Hi Caryn! You make a really good point – I have seen some people modify their page protectors so the interactive elements can be accessed without having to worry about the photos being touched. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding a slit at the top where the element would pull out. Having said that, I think this would be really cute on a card too – I think I will try it on a card that I have in the works now! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!!!!

  2. Love this lo! I just go a CTMH book you’d like called Magic. It’s on how to add lots of hidden and interactive elements to LOs.

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