I Like to Move It!

Tell me she doesn't have some good moves!

It’s CropChocolate project time, and I have a fun and easy technique for you today!
Project Title: I Like To Move It – Using Bubble Wrap to apply Alcohol Inks 
My oldest daughter loves to dance, so when Amber challenged us to use a song as an inspiration for a project, I knew that I had to create a page all about our little dancing queen (no pun intended)!  Her favourite song is actually on the Madagascar soundtrack – I Like To Move It – which seems perfectly fitting somehow, don’t you?  So, I narrowed down the picture choices (although not very well…they were all so cute) and created a layout that shows her at her very best!  The accordion fold on the lower part of the page, held shut with some great Charcoal twine, allowed me to include more pictures than I thought I would be able to!  Then out came the alcohol inks and bubble wrap for some fun lettering.  Here’s how:


  • Adirondack Alcohol Inks in at least 2 colors
  • Small piece of bubble wrap (approx. 2″ x 2″)
  • Vellum or other non-porous paper
  • Optional – stamp image and Ranger Archival Ink

1. Place both your vellum and your bubble wrap down on a protected surface with the textured part of the wrap facing up
2. Using one color of Alcohol Ink, place a few drops down on the bubble wrap. You can put the on the bubbles or in between – it really doesn’t matter.
3. Using a second colour of ink, add a few drops of ink onto the bubble wrap. Do not worry if your colours overlap – they will blend as you work them onto the vellum.
4. Repeat with as many colors as you would like.
5. Carefully turn over the bubble wrap and pat down onto the vellum. Continue patting the bubble wrap on the vellum until it becomes tacky and runs out of ink.
6. If you still have space left on the vellum to fill, simply add more ink to your bubble wrap and reapply. The ink on the bubble wrap will be dry, so you don’t need to worry about the inks mixing.
7. Optional step – Using Archival ink, stamp an image randomly over the dried ink
8. Cut out your letters or embellishments.
9. Apply to your project using a clear adhesive.

The neat thing about this technique is that you can use the bubble wrap as an embellishment as well!  It’s shiny finish really brings out the color in the inks and it’s a fun way to add texture to your project! I had planned to use it for a disco ball, but ran out of room with all those pictures!  Oppps!


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