I just love those little germs peeking over the top of the message - fussy cut from the Get Well Soon Border Strips

Project Title: Peek – A – Boo Boo

When I was little, this time of the year always meant one thing – a cold!  I’m not sure if it was all the excitement of the season or just the fact that the bugs were out in full force, but the warmth of the Christmas season could often be felt on my forehead!

So, when I saw the playful paper collection from Nikki Sivils called Get Well Soon, I thought this might be the perfect time of the year to create a “get well” card!  Inspired by the cute little germs and the fun pocket packaging from Nikki’s Pocket of Treats Cardstock Stickers, this double slider card had me smiling all through the creation process!  Once open, the message on the front reads “Peek-A-BooBoo”, and the inside is adorned with a cute pocket that would allow the sender to include an individual serving of hot chocolate or chicken noodle soup.

Peek-A-BooBoo - now who wouldn't smile with a card like this?!

After all, they say smiling speeds healing – and who wouldn’t smile while sipping a warm beverage and seeing those little germs making googlie eyes at you?

Are you interested in making one of your own?  Here’s how:


– Plain cardstock for card base
– Patterned paper for double slider component (for this card, I used NS Skinned Knee and Red Crosses)
– Small strip of plastic (for example – from a plastic grocery bag)
– Patterned paper for embellishment (for this project, I used NS Get Well Border Strips, My Blankey, Get Well Cut Ups,  Seeing Spots)
– Pocket packaging from Pocket of Treat Cardstock Stickers.
– 2″ piece of ribbon for slider pull
– Liquid Pearls in Bisque
– Glossy Accents
Coordinating Nikki Sivils Stamps from Unity Stamp Co.


Steps 1 - 3 - Skinned Knee is cut to 9"X3" and scored every 3". Two additional pieces of cardstock are cut to 3"x3"

To make the double slider component:

  1. Cut a piece of Skinned Knee paper to 9″ X 3″.
  2. Score your strip of paper at the 3″ and 6″. Fold.
  3. Cut two additional pieces of paper to 3″x3″ (these will be the pieces that pop out of your slider when the ribbon is pulled).
  4. Cut a piece of plastic that measure at least 1″ wide by 7 1/2″ long.

    Step 5 - Wrap plastic around on folded flap and glue to create a loop. DO NOT glue to the paper - you will need the plastic to slide!

  5. Wrap the plastic over the edge of one of the Skinned Knee flaps. Adhere the ends of the plastic to each other to form a loop with tape runner or a piece of gift wrap tape.
  6. Run a small strip of adhesive along the plastic strip on the bottom edge. Place one of the 3″x3″ pieces of paper onto the adhesive.
  7. Apply a small tab to the top of this piece of paper and punch a hole.
  8. Thread your piece of ribbon through the hole and secure in place with adhesive.

    Step 6 - Apply the adhesive to the bottom edge of the plastic and place your slider tab on top.

  9. Open up the flap with the plastic loop and apply a small strip of adhesive along the TOP edge of the plastic. Place your second 3″x3″ pieces of paper onto the adhesive.
  10. Fold your Skinned Knee paper with the plastic looped flap on the inside. Glue shut.
  11. Pull on the ribbon to ensure that your slider moves freely.  A piece of paper should pop out of the top and the bottom when the ribbon is pulled.

To embellish:

  1. On the base of your card, cut out a piece of Seeing Dots paper to fit on your card base (I left a 1/4″ border on 3 sides)
  2. Embellish with Border Strips.
  3. Cut out 4 germ shapes from the Border Strips and glue onto the base of the card approximately 1 1/2″ up from the center (this will allow them to peek out from behind the double slider component). Cover with Glossy Accents if desired.

    Step 7 - A little pocket with a spot for an individual serving of hot chocolate or a cup of soup - thank-you Nikki for such cute and practical packaging!

  4. Glue double slider component in center of the card base. Add letters as desired (in this case – “Peek-A-“).
  5. Cut out a large germ shape from the Cut Ups sheet.  Adhere to the top pull out component of the slider.
  6. Add a message to the bottom slider component (in this case – “boo boo”)
  7. On the inside of the card, glue the pocket packaging in place. Embellish as desired.  For this card, I also added a coordinating stamp (from Unity Stamp Company) to embellish the pocket.
  8. Fill with a package of hot chocolate or cup of soup.

Now, I just need to wait around until someone I know gets sick so I can send this little card on it’s way. Any volunteers?! 😉

p.s. – If you love this Nikki Sivils paper, be sure to check out the projects I created with her My Lil’ Monster collection too!  Ornaments / Bookmarks


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