Playing with Ink to Make – PINK!

Get out your glue guns crafters and make those beads!

We have a tradition in my family or giving a Christmas ornament to each person every year.  Sometimes, you can find that perfect ornament that says something about the person, but so years it can be tough to find something that really suits the recipient.

So this year, I decided to make some of the ornaments myself. The other night when I pursuing Pinterest, I came across a neat and simple Christmas ornament . The crafter had simply take some clear glass beads and glued them onto a clear bauble.  I decided to play around a bit with that idea and came up with the version you see here! It’s a simple project that anyone can do, and you can personalize it in so many ways!


  • Heat resistant surface (a craft mat or even cookie sheet will work)
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Alcohol inks (or as an alternative – Sharpie markers)
  • Small baggie
  • Glass bauble


1. Using your hot glue gun, squeeze out small beads onto your heat resistant, non-stick surface.  Keep your beads fairly small – if they get too large, the bead will look cloudy when dry (which might be an effect you are going for – in which case, make ’em BIG).  To minimize the glue threads, apply the glue in a circular motion, swirling the top as you pull the gun away.

On a non-stick and heat resistant surface, apply your hot glue and let cool.

2.  Once your beads have dried (it will only take about 30 seconds), pull them off of the mat, and pull off any glue threads.  These will come off really easily.

3. Place the beads that you would like to die into a small baggie.  Place 2-3 drops of ink and squish around (I know, highly technical terminology here), until the beads are covered.  Let dry.

Take a litte baggie, some alcohol inks and you've got coloured beads! You can simply use a Sharpie marker too!

4. Apply to your chosen surface with another small bead of glue.  The great part is that the glue will disappear into the bottom of your bead so you will not see it, even on a clear surface.

And that’s it.  The process can take a bit of time, bit it really is an easy project with a neat effect.  I have one more version of this craft to share next week!  Stay tuned – it’s for the “book lover” in your family!


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