Happy Halloween!

I'm not sure these little guys could scare anyone! The Echo Park Happy Halloween paper is fabulous!

There is nothing spookier around Halloween than spiders, right?  Okay, maybe blood sucking vampires and zombies are a little scarier, but spiders are still right up there!  So when the design team over at CropChocolate wanted to share a little bit of Halloween inspiration I thought spooky spiders were definitely the way to go!

But here’s my problem – I don’t think I have a spooky creative bone in me!  When I think of spiders, I think of big fuzzy insects with googlie eyes!  So I decided to embrace my “cutsie” creative Halloween creativity and make a couple of fuzzy friends for my two little gals.

A few strip Echo Park Happy Halloween paper cut to 6" (for the big spider) and 5 1/2" (for the little spider). Voila - "scary" spider!

To make these little guys, I modified the 3D pumpkin pattern that I have seen a lot of in the paper crafting world this fall season (click here for an example and instructions).  But since I wanted a fuzzy sphere instead of a smooth one, I simply used my scoring board to give my strips of Echo Park Happy Halloween paper a textured look.  The large spider is made from strips of paper that are 3/4″ X 6″ on the outside and 3/4″ X 5 1/2″ on the inside.  The strips of paper for the second spider are simply 1/2″ shorter. From there, I simply added 3 extra strips of paper on each side for legs, and voila…this Halloween pumpkin was magically transformed into spiders!  Eat your heart out Cinderella! You might get a grand coach to carry you to the ball, but my little girls – they get spiders!

UPDATE – Guess what?  These fuzzy little guys are famous!  They were just featured on the Echo Park blog for Facebook Fan Friday!  Check it out! And they were also featured over at Craft Gossip!  What a day!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Products used:

  • Echo Park Happy Halloween Paper
  • Making Memories Paper Reviere Noir brads
  • Making Memories Toil and Trouble Chandelier beads
  • Making Memories Glitter Bling Alphas

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