Paper Flower Tutorial – PART 4

The repeating pattern on these lovely blooms make me want to fold little squares of paper all night!


Years ago, I used to teach dance – ballet, tap and jazz.  At the end of each year, I would fold paper flowers for my students as a little congratulations for all they had accomplished that year.  I can still remember spending may nights with bright paper trying to figure out origami folds (and getting a few paper cuts too). I was always facinated to see how such geometric folding patterns could be used to create some really organic looking shapes!  So naturally, I decided to see what I could find in the world of paper folding for our floral tutorial series.

Today, I wanted to start by sharing a link with you to a great flower tutorial, and then share with you a way I modified it to use on a flat surface. This beauty,  the Japanese Kusudama flower over at Folding Trees, is a great way to create beautiful flowers for a home decor or altered item project.  But if you need something that will lay a little flatter, try this modification that I came up with:

Made with 5 -2" squares, this makes a great addition to a card or scrapbook layout.

Oh, and don’t forget to come by tomorrow for the last day of our tutorial series.  Let’s just say – it will be worth the wait!

A PDF version of this tutorial will be available soon!  Please check back for updates.


3 thoughts on “Paper Flower Tutorial – PART 4

  1. Came by again to check out today’s flower. Looks like another winner!! Wish this one came in a written version too as I am w/o a computer at home right now. I made some notes and will try it this weekend anyway – guess I’ll see how good of a note taker I am after being out of school more years than I care to think about!! Thanks Scrappy Canuck! You ROCK!

    • Juliet, I promise to go back and make handouts for the two that have videos as well! The handouts seem to be a bit more popular, and perhaps the combination of video and handout is a winner! I probably won’t get to it before the end of the week (since I still have tomorrows pdf to put together :*)), but I promise to get it done ASAP! Thanks for stopping by again today. I was just thinking that I was feeling a bit lonely today! Lots of visits, but no comments! 🙂

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