Sweet Treats!

Yesterday, my dear hubby came home with a bag full of Creamy Caramels.  All I can say is YUM!!!  So last night, as I sat down to play with some ribbon, I found myself being drawn towards the pantry.  I could hear those nasty little treats (disguised as a simple little sweets) calling my name.  It wasn’t long before I had shown a handful of them who was boss! 😉

How cute is that ribbon??!!

So what better way to celebrate my accomplishment than by creating a little treat jar for my scrappy moments.  I had some sweet strawberry ribbon kicking around that I have been dying to use, and this seemed like a the perfect project.  After all, if the sweet jar is draped in “good for you” food, that cancels out whats inside, right? Inspired by this cute paper strawberry tutorial  I used some simple cardstock to create a strawberry and then a bit of distress ink to tone down the pink. The seeds were created with Liquid Pearls in Bisque, and the ribbon was looped and glued in place to create a pretty top to this former mustard jar.

So, this project made me think of my scrappy friends – are you scrapper snackers?  If so, what little indulgences can we find in your scrappy spaces?


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