An Envelope Tutorial

So, for an upcoming project, I needed to create some envelopes and I thought it might be helpful to create a bit of a tutorial on the process.  The truth is that I usually make cards and give them away without envelopes (unless I am sending them in the mail of course), mostly because it always seemed like a lot of work and a waste of cute paper.  My other problem is that my cards never seem to be standard measurements or sizes – that would require some thinking ahead!

But I have to say that there is something really special about a coordinated envelope for a card or other project (just wait until you see what I have in store for you later this month).  So here is a simple picture tutorial on how to create a standard A9 envelope that will fit a 5X7″ card using a 10X10 sheet of paper.

1.  Pick out a cute pieces of 12X12 cardstock.  Single and double sided both work, just know that if you are using a thicker paper, it can be helpful to have a bone folder and scoring board to make nice, precise folds.

2.  Trim your sheet down to 10X10″, and rotate 90 degrees so you are looking at a diamond shape.

3.  Mark the top and bottom vertices as “A”.

4.  Mark your two side vertices as “B”.

5.  Measuring from the top point “A”, follow the two edges of the paper and mark at 4 3/4″.  Fold along the imaginary line that would be created by matching up the two points.

If you do not have a scoring board, line up a ruler and pull the paper up along the rulers edge to get a straight fold

6.  Repeat for your bottom “A” vertex.

Both top and bottom are now folded

7.  Measuring from your left point “B”, follow each edge of the paper and mark at 5 3/4″.  Fold across the line.  This should overlap with your point “A” folds.

Your folds should overlap

8.  Repeat for your second point “B”.

9.  Trim the small triangles that were created with the overlapping fold lines.

10.  Fold your envelope and run adhesive along the bottom edges of your side “A”s up to the points in which they meet the the side “B” piece that folds up.

Voila – a nice envelope!

Trust me, it looks harder than it is!

Just imagine how cute this would look with double sided cardstock that coordinates with a card you made!  You can always flip the white side out as well if you want a mailing envelope with a cute surprise inside.

What about all of you – do you create matching envelopes for your cards?

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