My September CC project – Thank-you SEW much!

Get out the BoBunny paper!

I remember years ago when my mom was teaching me how to sew.  I wanted to be just like her and be able to whip up clothes and beautiful cross stitches.  Then I grew up and sewing just seemed like a chore.  It actually wasn’t until I started stitching on paper that I found the love for thread again…and now I am even contemplating whipping up some clothes for my little gals.  Hmmmm…full circle!

But I digress!  Here’s a link to my video for this month’s CropChocolate  design team challenge.  We were working off of a sketch by DeeDee, and I decided to play with it to create a card.  But for the technique, I thought I would share a few tips and tricks for hand stitching on paper.  Yes, you can use a machine, or even one of those fandangled stitching gismos, but a simple needle and thread will do the trick too!  Check it out:

Some free-hand stitching on paper

Oh, and if you want the instructions on how to make the entire card, I am going to make you work for it this month by going to visit The Crop!  You will find the supply list and the how to (and the video again in case you need a refresher).  And of course, you will find some fantastic deals there too!

As for comments, I’m curious – how many of you are crafty stitchers?????


2 thoughts on “My September CC project – Thank-you SEW much!

  1. Love your card! I haven’t actually done any stitching on a LO yet, but I absolutely LOOOOOVE the look of machine-stitching! I dug out my mom’s old sewing machine to give it a try… and I broke it! Now I’m sad because I can’t figure out what I did to it AND I don’t have a LO (or card) with any stitching on it…

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