An ode to my crafty sidekick!

Okay, I am certainly not a poet, so I can’t say that this post today is going to include poetic verse – well, not any good poetic verse anyway!  But I did want to share with you a little bit of information (and a fun project) I recently created with my super crafty sidekick.

Who is this mystery sidekick….well, let me develop the suspense a little longer.  Recently,  my oldest daughter turned two!  I know it’s a cliche, but where did the time go?  Anyway, I was off at the dollar store trying to come up with a crafty party favour to give away at the annual picnic we have for her.  I saw came across some clear shooter glasses, and figured that I could fill them with Smarties (a true Canadian treat and one of my daughter’s favourite…think M&M’s with a thicker coating and prettier colours with no artifical colours!).  I figured that if I put a flower shape on the base, I would have a cute floral favour perfect for our picnic.

The problem was – I hated them.  They didn’t really look like flowers at all!  So, I was mulling over other possibilities when my hubby walked up and asked what I was working on.  I shared my crafty failure with him, and he thought for a minute, picked up the shooter glass, held it sideways and said, “It looks like a daffodil”! He was right – it did, but how on earth was I going to get them to stand sideways and still hold all the candies inside?

Well, with a little consultation with my crafty sidekick, we figured it out:

Tada - A Blue Daffodil!!!

Thanks for the great idea Honey - it was fun working with you on this project!

So with a little bit of pipe cleaner, some wooden dowels, an bunch of paper and adhesive, we came up with these cute creations!  The leaves have the word “tankoo” on them (it’s the way our daughter currently says “thank-you”), and I used a bit of flower foam and a pot we had kicking around in the shed to hold out new arrangement!

Thanks to my crafty sidekick, these favours were a huge hit!  And how fun is it that I can craft with my hubby?!!


5 thoughts on “An ode to my crafty sidekick!

  1. aww that’s so awesome! (the craft, AND your hubby!!) My hubby helps me craft too…. he yells at the kids to leave me alone.

  2. My hubby helps me also. Whenever I’m stuck he just kind of shows up and helps me through it. It’s a lot of fun to bounce ideas off of him because he can usually come up with a different idea for something that I didn’t think of.

    Love the flowers will have to remember that idea. They are sooooooo cute!

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