One last Glossy Accents tip – for now anyway! ;)

I told you it was an addiction!  And since I can’t get enough of the stuff, I figured I would try one last time to pull some of you down with me.  So if spicing up letters and adding some punch to paper wasn’t enough for you, why not try making some cute faux buttons???

Recently, I’ve been working on an album for my inlaws and decided to use some bird-themed paper I picked up from Ms (Recollection’s “Birdwatching” collection).  I had one sheet of paper that I wasn’t totally sold on, so I thought I would see if I could punch it up a bit. So out came the Glossy Accents, using it in a few places to play up one of the designs on the paper.

Then I started thinking – what I really need are some matching embellishments, so I used a simple circle punch, some ink and my Glossy Accents to create some faux buttons.  Here’s how:

Step 1

GA buttons - Step 1

Step 1 - punch paper and chipboard

Using a punch or other crafty tool, punch out circles from paper and chipboard.  For these buttons, I actually cheated and used a cereal box for my chipboard because I wasn’t worried about them coming in contact with the pictures on the page. I also inked up the edges a bit to add more dimension to the paper, but this step is totally optional – your buttons will still be great!

Step 2

GA buttons - Step 2

Step 2 - place on sticky surface and cover with GA

I glued my paper circles on to the chipboard, and then placed them on a sticky mat (in this case, an older Cricut mat).  This will help you keep them in place while you apply your Glossy Accents without you having to worry about handling the “buttins to be” and getting medium all over the place (like I did the other day and had to spend 10 minutes with a spatula scraping it off of the kitchen table – I love the stuff, but not that much!).  Then simply apply the Glossy Accents in a thick layer.  Let dry.  Reapply if desired for a “thicker” button.

Step 3

GA buttons - Step 3

Step 3 - punch out button holes

Using an eyelet punch (I use my smallest setting head), punch two holes evenly spaced apart in the center of your circle for the two button holes.  Depending on how thick your GA was applied, you may have to give it a few good “whacks” to punch the holes.  It’s a great way to get our some frustration, so you’ll end up with less stress AND a super cute button for all your efforts! 🙂


GA buttons - finished

Tada - the finished buttons!

Okay seriously, aren’t these cute?  You can use up a bunch of scrap paper and make a whole bunch at once!

So that’s it for my TCT (thrifty crafty tip) for today!  Let me know if you think you might try it!

8 thoughts on “One last Glossy Accents tip – for now anyway! ;)

  1. Oh’ I’ll try it, Haylo is a button addict (you already know I’m an accent addict) so this will give us BOTH something to do! Now to find the box with my scraps…

    • I’m glad you like the idea! It is so easy, and the effect is really great! Plus, you can coordinate it with anything you are working on! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting today!

  2. I love this idea! Very thrifty too which is always a plus 🙂 Great way to use up those little bits of scrap that I have been saving. Thanks for sharing!

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